[MV] 8eight – Goodbye My Love (ft SoEun & 2AM’s Jinwoon)(TS 720×480)

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  1. natsunochibi · ·

    Wow! 8eight!! omg its a ts file 😀 thanks^^

  2. i want to make a request but i dont know where i should write it.. so i decided to write here, sorry.. ^^

    i request FT Island MV “Friendship”.. can u upload it?? thank a lot.. i’m waiting..

  3. trungxxx · ·

    I love Kim So Eun, she looks so pretty in this MV
    This song is good too ^^
    Thank a lot 4 sharing, u da best

  4. monza84 · ·

    i want this…mail, syarma84@yahoo.com

  5. kulakalu · ·

    thank for sharing.
    Mail: lucky7_boi@yahoo.com.vn

  6. ledoquyen · ·

    @monza84: i can’t send it to ur email.
    the email has been rejected T_T please give me the real email address

    @ Bhielz June: got ya request ^^

  7. Thanks A lot.. ^^

  8. I want this too, and my email is kcmchan@netvigator.com
    Thanks in advance!

  9. can i have it???
    it’s f.elfida@yahoo.co.id

    thank u soo much~~

  10. thanks for the upload

  11. yaro yaro!!!…wanna dis =p

  12. jezamine. · ·

    hello! my email is jezamine_chua@hotmail.com thanks a lot! (L)

  13. Hailey, you know my email, rite? ^_*
    can i request the file, please?
    thank you in advance ^^

    and pleaseee be patience… i’m gonna send you “email” in couple of days.. i’m sure you’ll gonna love it ^o*v

  14. Exsecrabilus · ·

    This is one of the best music videos ever created, combined with one of the best songs ever created, combined with several of the perfect actors for the parts, and now, in HD? Can I please have it?


  15. MonkeyJunior · ·

    i never seen this mv
    my email is kaewnarak@msn.com
    thank you very

  16. namsai16 · ·

    i like this band very much pls send to me


  17. Please send me the link, Thank you for sharing

  18. plizz send to me …
    my email arnold_clever@yahoo.com
    tanx so much XD

  19. send link !! please!!!

  20. send this to me please!! 😀
    thank you!

  21. Bernard · ·

    Thank You!! Can u send the link too??
    My E-Mail is bernard134@hotmail.com

  22. Isador · ·

    Hi hi, could you send me the link?

  23. can you send the link to me please? kropperz890ultra@gmail.com thanks

  24. an_ubzgal · ·

    PLZ send to me….

    thank you for sharing >@@<


  25. cyn_lee · ·

    can send it to me?
    thankx so much~^^

  26. Hi, please send me this link 🙂 ssx@centrum.cz

  27. may i have the file please…
    I love this song sooo much
    Thanks in advance

  28. kiku_ayra · ·

    can i have it too, please, i love this actress so much.


  29. i really like this song
    thank you in advance >.<


  30. Thanks for sharing this mv.
    I really really like this song.
    May I have the link?


  31. please share me link for this song…
    I like this song. Thx

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