BaekJiYoung JuSungMo K.Will – That’s What Friends Are For [Music Bank 090626] (HD 1920X1088)

REQUEST NOW !!! winkingLinks Updated !! have fun  ^^~
(well, actually i didn’t want to upload this perf tongue in a show with … “idols flowing” like this happy… this perf can’t have much attention anyways)
Overall, this one is an amazing perf … but Ju Sung Mo…er…if he wasn’t trying to show off too much then big grin…this song isn’t for him tongue(…it’s just the way he sings…nvm)

(Use HJ Split to join the files)



  1. I want it, Thank you for sharing

  2. death0312 · ·

    I love this song!
    I just had the MQ video
    So I want to have this too
    Thanks ♥

  3. i want to request for this!
    actually, i would like to request for the whole episode of this week’s mubank haha. every perf look hot and delicious!!

  4. evri nesS · ·

    is K.Will in??omg!!!i wanna see it 😀 plssssss ❤
    ur awesome thanks for sharing!!

  5. Minho UK · ·

    i would love to request this please! ^^

  6. Requesting for this song
    i’m so in luv with this song since i heard this song from MKMF award 2007 (is this the same song??)

    loads of thx

  7. ¨Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Cant wait for hd file^^

  8. thank you for sharing :)!!!

  9. i was wondering whether u would be uploading smaller versions of the performances from music bank..? i would certainly love smaller versions…

  10. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you’re the best..

  11. Scuse me.. I’d like to request it… 🙂
    Thank you..

  12. I’d like to watch this performance, pls upload, thanks a bunch!

  13. Exsecrabilus · ·

    My dream is to meet K.Will.

    My second dream is to watch every performance in which he makes an appearance.

    This site has helped achieve my second dream in so many ways. Thank you!

  14. hi. I’m very thankful for your upload.
    But maybe link’s part2 broken. Can you reup it?

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