AJ ChungLim Taegoon – Dance Battle [Music Bank 090626] (HD 1920X1088)

REQUEST NOW !!! winkingLinks Updated !! have fun ~


  1. Good Job.. Do u have Girls Generation’s Comeback stage performance? upload pls?? thanks!

  2. Fanny MSH · ·

    i wan this pleaseeeeeeeee…
    chung lim is so hot

  3. Yay! Share this sweet boys and make every fangirl happy! 😀 thanks!

  4. Yippie!!! I want to see them…
    Their dance was so cool…
    Please upload it..=P~

  5. TSUBAKI · ·

    Up load please (^^)
    Chung Lim is my Favorite Hot Guy…..

    I’m Required this performance too. (^^)

  6. pls upload.. ^^

  7. Can I have this file please.. Tae goon and AJ are my favorites.. Thanks in advance

  8. I wanna this!

  9. chunglim ❤
    you can upload please? ToT~

  10. OMG!!! This is going to be AWESOME! I ‘d love to watch it. Thank you so much.

  11. tupssipOp · ·

    i want this!!

  12. I’d like to watch this show as well! All 3 of them are so HOT!

  13. I want this dance battle!
    Can you share it?

  14. omg!! plzplzplzplz Upload!!
    i’ll love u for eternity if u do!!
    not that i dont but it will be doubled!!

  15. PLEASEEEEE! i request! 😀

  16. waooooo

    please upload


  17. I want it.plz plz plz :)…tnx tnx tnx for ur nice blog…i love it

  18. Lime_Squash · ·

    Wow!! Want to see this.. Upload please… Thx..

  19. death0312 · ·

    I love 3 of them *but I love AJ most*
    Their moves were awesome!
    Can I request it :”>

  20. nevictory · ·

    Plz…send link

    Thanks for sharing

    i want to pf this ..

  21. evri nesS · ·

    omg TaegoooooOn!! ❤
    may i have it pls thanks for sharing!!! 😀

  22. Love Chung Lim and AJ!
    Requesting please!
    😀 Thank you!

  23. ohh~~
    you’r a sweetheart ❤
    chunglim looks way to good in this pic
    pls upload =D

  24. dc_xiah · ·

    please upload..chunglim is hawt!

  25. evile-hyung · ·

    ooh the three of them were good!! can’t wait to have this~~~

  26. i dun really noe them but i’m interested
    so i’m requesting too
    thank u very2 kamsa

  27. zeng_ann · ·


    i want it

    i like 3guy

    please please please


  28. heey, thanks for the link!

  29. uknowSyiqa · ·

    thanx 4 dis..
    hoho i’m soo happy..
    thanx again~~~

  30. zombienarc · ·

    thanks a lot.

  31. jjobsessed · ·

    Thanks for sharing!

  32. BeeHwan · ·

    thank for sharing^^V

  33. omg!! thnkuthnkuthnkuthnkuthnkuthnku

  34. this battle must be COOL!!

    thank you~<3

  35. thankyou! XD

  36. Can wait to see…

  37. Thank you so much *0*

  38. yueejhian · ·

    The link to .003 file seems to be broken.

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