[MV] TVXQ – Stand By You (Japanese) [HQ]



  1. O.M.G
    thanke you for the sharing =D ..!
    I like the MV .. and I’m Search Since long time about link download ..!
    thanks alot =$

  2. strawberry · ·

    Yeh~~ dong bang XD
    I am taking this. Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. na-chan · ·

    OMG..thanks a lot

  4. thank you so much

  5. chizuuu · ·

    thanks a Lot~


  7. uknowSyiqa · ·

    wow dis is great..
    thanx to u..

  8. kamsahamida! arigato! i totally heart stand by u (:

  9. Thank you!!!!

    song is so melodious

  10. Thanks a bunch!

  11. death0312 · ·

    This is super cool!
    I just love it :”>

  12. why the size in the picture and the real size is different ? In the picture is 126MB, but in the real, there are 2 MV, 62 n 64MB. what is the different of these 2 ?

    please reply my comment.

  13. ledoquyen · ·

    thoes 62 and 64 are cut from the original 126mb
    you have to use hj split to join thoes in.
    finnaly, u’ll get one avi file with the size 126mb
    search the software in google ^^

  14. Thanks

  15. yuri lin · ·

    Wheee..thanks alot..^^

  16. Omg, now I’m happy!! Love them so much.


  17. Thank you very much… ^O^

  18. HI can i have the link thank you

  19. thanks 4 sharing ^_^

  20. thanks a lot!

  21. [MV] Moon Hee Jun – Toy

  22. thx

  23. i’ve been waiting for their version.. tysm! ^^

  24. thanks alot 😀
    im downloading this~
    havent seen any tvxq for awhile now

  25. thank you very much

  26. thank you very much for sharing
    it is great

  27. shismosa · ·

    thank you soo much! this mv was really cool.

  28. I really like this mv, both the song and the interior design. But they seem to be out of sync…. T_T

  29. wow HQ xD…
    thank you so so much ! 😡

  30. taking this mv..tq.

  31. wanaini · ·

    many thanks….

  32. i like to ask,
    i couldnt watch this mv.
    could u pls suggest to me which software i could use?
    hope u can help.
    nway, thx a lot for uploading.

  33. ledoquyen · ·

    @ fadya: you have to use hj split to join thoes in.
    finnaly, u’ll get one avi file with the size 126mb
    search the software in google ^^

  34. thx so much for helping.

  35. COURTNEYY · ·

    i’m so out of date with dbsk stuff T___T”
    this looks new!

    thanks so much for sharing!

  36. Thanx alot for Ur hard working ^^

    Your.sis: Affo}–*

  37. love yamapi · ·



  38. thanks a lot for sharing…i really want to see this..

  39. thx a lot kaaa~ ♥ Mic

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