[MV] Hong Jin Young – Love Battery (starring FT Island’s Jonghun & SuperNova’s SungYe) [HD 720×480]

Some tells me they don’t understand the MV big grin…well, actually the story is pretty simple ^^… Hong Jin Young needs to fill her ‘love battery’ , so the boys have to come to her place on time love struck… They have to escape the company, then go through all the danger on the way. Finally, change the outfit … LOL!!laughing
It seems like a fairy tail where the prince has to go through dangers, evil witch to save the princess big hugand theyre just trying to make it in a funny way big grin



  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I have been waiting to watch this MV!

  2. thx a lot for sharing ^^

    Jounghun is very handsome in this MV…

  3. Thank u so much for this link
    for upload too >.<

    JongHun is very handsome
    but i hate the end this mv
    JongHun kiss~~~~~~~~andwae!!!

  4. ~shasha~ · ·

    thnx for this~~
    i’m a big fan of jonghun…
    mybe i dun like it much..

  5. nhanh thế ;)) em cũng vừa tìm đc bản HD 😀 tìm cái này lòi mắt ra :-< mà em thì ko thạo đi tìm mấy cái này :-< tại toàn xài đồ chùa nên thế đấy :-<

  6. ss ko tin là e tìm dc bản HD :D…
    e tìm thấy trên blog ss à =]]
    ah` !!! cái prim blog của e làm ăn dc phết nhỉ =”>…. chăm chỉ thế là tốt 😀

  7. Thanks so so much. Can i request super super high quality of SS501 Solo Collection ep 1 please?? THanks very very much

  8. jihyejoo · ·

    Thank ss 😡
    Khổ ghê vừa tính làm Vietsub bản MQ hqua thì hnay có HD =]]

  9. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I love both of them

    Thanks for your sharing

  10. Jh is definitely the main one in this mV!


  11. thank you very much
    and as usual jonghun is very damn handsome
    OMG another kissed from FTI member

  12. thank you so much for this^^ been looking for hq^^

  13. thx!

  14. thanks!

  15. thank you for the HQ file, Hailey ^^

  16. Hey, I downloaded the video and it didn’t show the whole video. It ended at 2:17.
    Can you reupload a different one?

  17. Like the MV so much…..
    it’s funny…

  18. jean cantin · ·

    I’ll buy her MV for sure !

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