[album] FT Island – Sweet Voices (Ring Tone)

333Morning Call + Call Allert made by FT Island themselves love struckkiss
le’t share everyday with our 5 members blushing… let’s wake up every morning with the calling of 5 sweetest voice in the world rock on!
With this, u’re going to wait all day for phone-calls hee hee
1.나의 공주님~ 완전 많이 사랑합니다 – 모닝콜벨 – Minhwan
2.이런 자기가 좋다! – Minhwan
3.고백을 받아줘 어서~  – Seung Hyun
4.벌칙 키스  – Seung Hyun
5.안일어나면 확 뽀뽀  – Seung Hyun
6.FT아일랜드의 송승현입니다  – Seung Hyun
7.문자가 아니라 전화라니까요 – Jaejin
8.일어 나십시요 홍기가 애타게 찾고 있습니다 – 모닝콜벨 – JaeJin & HongKi
9.내 입술을 받으시요 공주 – 모닝콜벨 – JongHun
10.종쉰이의 개그본능 – JongHun
11.여자는 몰라 전화기다리는 아픔 – HongKi
12.오빠의 살인미소는 샤방샤방 – HongKi
13.핸폰교육을 어떻게 시킨거야 – HongKi
14.홍스타 납셨다~ 어서 일어나지 못할까 – 모닝콜벨 – HongKi
15.섬돌이들은 프리마돈나 공주님을 너~무 사랑합니다 – Jonghun & HongKi
DOWNLOAD (MP3 – 192kbps) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]
(P.S: For the translated tracklist , please look on imeem playlist ^^ … Translation Credit : 1takekk @ LoveFti)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


You can know what they’re talking ^^…. The Translation is already [ HERE ]


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    Thanks for sharing this but you would mind sharing the translation here as I can’t access to the forum. Please…..

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  17. hey^^ thanks so much for it. Hun’s voice is different from the voice in U and me^^ But it’s still so sweet^^ to be honest, Ki’ voice is the best^^ I really love oppa’s killer smile

  18. lieta08 · ·

    yeaayeaa,, everybody around me hear hongki’ cute voice when i have a call or message!!hihi

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    waking up with jonghoon’s kisses?????? awesome!

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  36. Taking it! They really sound so cute~~But if i put this for my alarm my parents are gonna wonder why are they so many people in my room XDDDD LMAO

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  37. the ringtones were cute and their voices were really wonderfull. Arigato na ;]

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