Hong Jin Young – Love Battery (Music Bank 090619) [HD 1920×1088]

333aiya ~ she kissed Jonghun (in her MV) T_T broken heartcrying Should i anti or support her ??blushingbig grin
anyways, this song is addicted in a … trot-way big grin
and she’s beautiful, isnt she ? batting eyelashes



  1. Thanks so much for the HD version! BTW, do you have the MV? I desperately wish to watch it!

  2. oh, hell she’s realy pretty *_*
    thanks for the HD file ❤

  3. yup, she is quite pretty, but i think this is an almost kiss =))

    though i dont understand this MV at all but tune is really cute, and these guys in this MV are …so hot lol


    can i ask the HD MV? :-w

  4. do you have the performance in smaller size or compressed?

  5. donghae · ·

    lol don’t anti her.
    what if you were her? 😛

  6. ploy1996 · ·

    THANK u for sharing

  7. vanggirlie · ·

    hm, i’ve liked all her perfs that i’ve seen of this song. thanks for sharing.

  8. jean cantin · ·

    Real cutie ! Tks a lot !

  9. 轻工小笔 · ·

    i just found this post, and realsied that the part 3 of the download is invalid, file is no longer there…. so sad…
    would u upload again? 🙂

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