[MV] Beige – Pitiful (Lee Shi-Young/ Hey Ya part 2) [HD]

The original file is Ts extension, but for some reasons, i converted it to avi ^^… However, the quality is still HD quality


  1. woohoo. thanks. I’ve been looking for an HQ version of this. Thanks for your generosity! 😀

  2. Anonymous · ·

    Hei, how to combine these two files into one file??any software required??

  3. ledoquyen · ·

    YES! ^^…u need HJ SPLIT
    find it on google =)

  4. quangzinzin · ·

    thanks a lot 4 sharing ^^

  5. thanks thanks thanks =D

  6. I always say thank you to you for link

  7. 고마워요~

  8. onelove · ·

    thanks, i’ve been looking for a HQ version.

  9. saw this in TV so i wanna have it.. lol tysm~ ^^
    n i just knew it’s Hey Ya part 2.. so i’ll dig Hey Ya after this.. xD

  10. COURTNEYY · ·

    love this song!
    junjin’s sucha cutie!


  11. great upload , thanks!!!!1

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