[MV] 4Minute – Hot Issue (MQ+HQ+HD)

please request for the HD quality ^^…. (HDquality won’t be uploaded without requests)
and…this is so … After School VS 2NE1 …T_T
DOWNLOAD wmv (21mb): [ MEDIAFIRE ]



  1. carmendove · ·

    You are awesome, and so fast! Thank you for sharing these. I’d like to request the HQ please 😀

  2. omg I’ve been looking for this!
    please upload the HD version!

  3. tupssipOp · ·

    i want it!!
    thank u^^

  4. requesting for HD please,thanks^^

  5. rung_taemin · ·

    want to see this mv very much

    request for HQ please


  6. quangzinzin · ·

    can’t wait for HD file ^^

  7. Sashimi · ·

    Me want it too ^^
    Please upload it, thanks so much.

  8. Yay for 4minute mv~ can you please upload the HD version? ^^ Thanks!

  9. minichoco · ·

    thanks for sharing.. ^^

  10. waiting for the HD version..thank you!

  11. request the HQ too!! please…

  12. can i ask the hd please. thanks

  13. How many request??

    I needs this file

    thanks in advance ^^

  14. I want tou see HD version!!!!

    Please upload ^^

    Thank You Before^^

  15. I’m REQUEST for TS HD >__<

    That song "Hot Issue" is great~~

  16. sunney_here · ·

    thank you very much ^^ you’re so fast~

  17. Thanx aloot waiting For HD

  18. Waiting………

  19. kulakalu · ·

    thank for sharing.
    4Minite’s MV is great.

  20. Thank you for sharing,wanna see this because
    I really like the song.;)

  21. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks for uploading this MV, 🙂

  22. thanks for sharing, ill check out the lq one first.
    request for hd too 😉

  23. HAN NIE · ·

    thank you so much neh… been waiting for this mv…

  24. Sahal82 · ·

    I’d like to request the HQ one as well, please.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. siti nur · ·

    I would like to request the HQ too..please..

  26. izakikei · ·

    thank you for sharing this =)

  27. evri nesS · ·

    oh thanks for sharing!
    waiting for hd^^

  28. I want to get HD

    Please uploading

    Thank you

  29. HQ !!!


  30. i want the TS HD (250mb) tq!!!

  31. helmuviduo · ·

    Thanx for sharing! Took the asf ver.

  32. I would like to request the HD version! :]
    the song is addicting!!

  33. Hi can I have the HD version please.
    Thnx in advance 🙂

  34. the song is so so.. kinda growing on me for some part.. but not for the others.. lol anyway tysm! ^^

  35. HQ please

    thank you for sharing

  36. HD Please..!!

  37. pls~~~
    i only go with the HD
    thanks ❤

  38. I’d like to request the HD 250MB
    Thanks a lot

  39. Cookies · ·

    can I have HD please…

  40. yuri lin · ·

    Request for HD…TQ^^

  41. thank you share
    4minute new song very good

  42. Please !!! Request for HD !!! =3

  43. can I have MV HD please

    thankkk youu

  44. can I have HD please…

    thankk youuuu

  45. Michelle · ·

    HD would be great!

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  46. Took HQ, thanks ^-^

  47. Dookies · ·

    Also request for HD…

    Thanks for sharing

  48. resquesting for TS HD too.
    Thanks in advance. ^.^

  49. ~shasha~ · ·

    taking HQ…
    thx for this~~

  50. Can i have HD ver.?

    I request for this one, please?

    Thank you very much

  51. oh can I have TS file please? : )

  52. i want the TS HD

    thank you for sharing

  53. pls~~
    i need the HD file
    thanks ❤

  54. please upload the HD version

  55. Verónica · ·

    I have been looking for this video for a while
    ❤ Thanks!
    please update de HD version?
    pretty please?

  56. luvpublicenemy · ·

    Can I request for the HD version…^^
    Thanks ya!

  57. Can I have TS file please?
    thx So much ~~

  58. please upload the TS file please

  59. Request for the HD too ! request request request ! Thank you

  60. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  61. is 720×480 what you mean with “HD”? but HD is 720p or even more high (1080i etc)
    just wanna know, of course I want 720×480 but just wanna say its SD and only HQ then =)

    and I think your version will be No Logo, right?
    or is it mnet or any other TV broadcast?

  62. I’m taking the wmv, thank u so much^^

  63. Thank 4 uploading the links!
    I hope 4 HD:
    Thank u

  64. esztokam · ·

    thanks for sharing!

  65. ledoquyen · ·

    720×480 is also called HD when it’s in TS extension and bitrate is high (sometimes, the bitrate is high even in avi…It actually can also called HD since the quality is the same with a TS one…)
    U can tell just by looking at the quality of the vid. What decide the quality isn’t the video extension BUT the encode-method (AVC, MPEG,RMVB, MKV…) and ofcouse, bitrates.

    u know when some channels broadcast their shows under the aspect 4:3 and some others broadcast 16:9… when it’s 16:9, u can have 1080p or 720p HD quality.
    but when it’s only 4:3…. the best quality u can have is HD 740×480 or luckily, sometimes u’ll get 720×540

    Google it , and u’ll find out more informations ^^

  66. in all korean forums where they upload any MV’s in 720×480, or m!countdown or any other variety shows, they write in the description “SD” and when its like .. a M!countdown performance in 1920×1080 (those fake stretched ones) then they write “SD 16:9”
    and when I google like what can be called “HD” then its always showing up 16:9 1280×720 at least etc .. when I type anything 720×480 HD then it’s showing up only “720p” results

    the bitrate is just important when the resolution is “HD”, when the bitrate is too low then its maybe not called “HD”.. dont know but 720×480 is not HD cause its tp or ts format, its just a really clear screen and very HQ

    okay whatever, you didnt told if your MV will be TV broadcasted or any no logo version .

  67. aaaa..
    thx for sharing this ^^

  68. Hi, can you send the HD MV, please?
    Thanks in advance ^-^

  69. yes ! 720×480 isn’t HD… i call it HD just to distinguish the avi HQ to TS HQ…
    isn’t an avi file with the resolution 720×480/frames rate 24 30 or 60 FPS can also called a SD vid?

    You’re wrong about HD can’t be 720×480. DVD can also call one kind of HD. i dont know if all DVDs available are using anamorphic technique to store widescreen images. But, obviously, DVD can also be considered as HD.
    you’re also wrong about HD can only be 720p or 1080i, High Def. video can also be 576p50 with a horizontal resolution of 720 or 704 pixels… While 576i25 isnt called HD ~

    And, bitrate isnt just impotant when it’s HD. bitrate (together with framesrate) is impotant in every way, it decides the quality.

    Anyways, i just know so so about those technical things. Those just enough for me to play around with my files 😛
    So, dont be so strict with me. Just know that MV HD [HERE IN MY BLOG] are all in 720×480 or 720×540 or 720×576.
    and it’s not like im trying to fool you or anything. the resolutions are always told clearly…

  70. mathias · ·

    yeah ok..but where is the link? ¬_¬

  71. MISSMORE · ·

    RQ of TS
    Thank ! ^^

  72. lol haha , yeah just wanted to clear this up, I always wonder why people call it “HD” when I see people in other forums upload “HD MV” and I open the thread and its 720×480 then I get confused all the time and then when people talk about HD MV’s but meant 720×480 ,lol

  73. pajoongko · ·

    request for HQ please ^_^

    Thank you…

  74. M-net broadcasts are sd.
    576p and below are generally considered SD. but in some countries like mine 576p is used by some stations when broadcasting HD. Most use 1080i.
    some broadcasts in hd are letterbox with black bars on the side. people usually think widescreen and hd together.

    DVD are not considered to be HD.

    mkv, avi, mp4 are containers btw.

    Whats the use of any video if the bitrate is low right.

  75. mathias · ·

    hey! don’t erase my messages! where is the link???!!

  76. Thanks

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