[MV] Han Seung Yeon (Kara) – Miracle (HQ)

This song is actually a drama’s soundtrack, it’s just that i dont remember the name … The song is just so so …nothing special tongue, but the MV is really cute … Enjoy!big hug


  1. onelove · ·

    thanks, it is a cute video

  2. thank you very much

    I like Seung Yeon

  3. this song is Why did you come to our house OST.

    MV is very cute. when I see that I can smile

    thank you again

  4. thx

  5. Hi, 720×480 for .avi? This .avi file must have VGA resolution: 640×480. This video… it’s your work?

  6. ledoquyen · ·

    LOL!! why must i change the video resolution ?

    and why i didnt change it to something higher XD…only from 640×480 to 720×480?? nah ~ i wouldnt force myself to do that… 🙂

    these days, avi can have many resolution …(640×352) …it depends on the resources.

    anyways, does it matter ?

  7. Hey… ^^; OK, listen – original mpeg2 source have resolution 720×480, but aspect ratio is 4:3. When converting to avi, this file lost aspect ratio… and after – not have 4:3 …ahh, my english XD

    It is therefore necessary to convert it to the correct ratio of 4:3 (640×480) video with the black edges of top and bottom. Or 640×360 if no edge (usually 16:9). When I take your 720×480 avi rips and burn to DVD -> play on my DVD player, all faces and things have stretched surfaces to width. Do you understand me? ^^;

  8. who’s the girl in the mv? she looks really familiar..

  9. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  10. thanks for sharing!!

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