Gavy NJ – Twilight Forever… (Music Bank 090605) [HD 1920×1088]

i really don’t like how only idols can have HD files big grin and because i love this song so much love strucklove struck SO… here you go ^^…. the most amazing performance of these two in HD ^.^ … Enjoy !


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the HQ version, love this song very much too!

  2. thanks for sharing

  3. yuri lin · ·

    Thanks sooo much…i’m into this song this lately..
    Really like their performance..very great & superb vocals *two thumbs up*^^

  4. i love this song… cause if you have this perf in HD: … please share it to me.. thanks so much…

    ah… i love the MV, too… so i’ll thank you even more if you share me that ^^

  5. Oh my god, thank you so much ~ I have been looking for this forever ~ Glad that someone upload it ~ Thank you soooo much, again ~ ^^~

  6. Oh, and the 1st part link is broken, can you fix it? ^^

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