[Digital Single] The One – BLOOD (The Last Vampire OST)

Release Date: 2009-06-12
Language: Korean
Genre: Rock Ballad/OST
Bit Rate: 192  KBPS
This is what real music should be XD…. The song’s fast beats mixed in well with deep vocal , what amazing is the background music, it gives you the feeling of the sea-waves never stop moving …. the song has the power to make your heart beat fast .love struck
U should also watch the MV [ HERE ] ^.^….that’s what make the song more perfect winking
01. 외톨박이 (Face To Face)(Movie ‘Blood’ Ending Title)
02. 외톨박이(Face To Face)(MR)
DOWNLOAD (192kbps) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]


  1. mayoomay · ·

    Thanks so much…

    Wanna watch this drama.

  2. GorillaZack · ·

    Thanks for sharing,
    You’re the best!!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks^^

  4. thank you very much

    I like The one ..

  5. OMG, thank you…
    I like The 1’s voice, heavy but high…

  6. thanks so much 🙂

  7. kawaiishieli · ·

    hi thanks so much for the ost. i’ve watched the movie (by the way it’s not drama but it’s giana jun ji hyun’s new movie). The action was great though i dont really like the ending. The ending it’s a bit so so as in just like that..i expected more climax of the ending. but it’s quite a great movie. And giana spoke english better than koyuki!!!

  8. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  9. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing….

  10. THANK YOU!!!

  11. Thank you so much ^^

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