FT Island – FT Island Let’s Go (Y-Star 090605) [HD 720×480]

SeungHyun forgot lyrics and took the wrong beats sometimes T_T… seriously, he should practice more
BUT overall, this one is a good performance ^.^ … cute song !!!




  1. thanks a lot for this!

  2. thx a lot..mmuaahhh!!

  3. Suanna · ·

    yeah … thank you so much for sharing

  4. OMGggg I love this song so much ><
    Thank you ^^

  5. thanks for this^^
    i miss them~

  6. sakuya · ·

    do you have just the h version? ._.
    hd is too big for mg hard drive -_-
    thanks for this though 8D

  7. thx a lot for sharing

    oh!! miz them so much…

  8. hi
    you answer all requests
    buy don answer my requests
    i again requests
    please find Cho eun – Sad Love song ( Han Go Eun & Song Il Gook)
    HQ video for me
    or guidance me to find it

  9. thanks a billion, btw are you comin to FTI showcase in singapore ?

  10. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Seunghyun should try harder to be idol
    He’s always failed
    I think he might excited

    Thanks for your sharing

  11. ^ he has everything to be an idol .
    it’s just that he’s nervous. he’s a newbie after all.
    let’s just give him sometimes more ^^

    @ raniah: unfortunately T_T….i can’t T_T

  12. ranchu* · ·

    Thank you so much ^^

    I like to see this performance

    bcz i never hear seunghyun sing this song before ^^

  13. Speedyplatinum · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Glad to see more shots of the other members ^^

  14. guess there’s too much pressure for seunghyun ^^;;
    hope he can relax more and enjoy performing =)
    thanks for sharing ^__^

  15. bleakhillycoalcountry · ·

    thanks so much for the HD video 🙂

    you work so hard uploading yet some people in the comments seem a bit ungrateful -.-

    Anyways, I think SH is either really nervous…or not taking FT Island seriously enough..

  16. thank for shareing”””

    so Good performance..
    love & love them

    Fighting !!!

  17. mayoomay · ·

    Thanks so much ❤

  18. sunney_here · ·

    owh thank you very much ^^

    seunghyun need more practice i think…
    i hope he won’t get too nervous in his next performance…

    well.. but sure this is good performance.. ^^

    once again thank you for sharing ^^

  19. I don’t think hyun forgot lyric
    Maybe the sound at the beginning wasn’t well so we can’t hear his voice
    Love FTI
    Good performance, especially when they ran ^^
    Thank u very much!!!

  20. tysm~! ^^

  21. i think the mic is the problem not seunghyun..
    thanks for the upload~

  22. Thanks (: !!!

  23. matsurika · ·

    thanks for sharing~

  24. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  25. Thank you so much!

    Poor Seunghyun … I bet he’s doing his best …

  26. shashacute · ·

    thanks… it was a good performance though… i bet seunghyun is getting better 🙂

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