[ENGSUB] HongKi CUT – Star Golden Bell (090530)

333because it’s just a short clip and it’s really cute … so we decided to make it done soon ^^…
i was trying to download / upload 720p version of the show and then make one HongKi CUT in 720p love struck… but … i just don’t have enough time T_T…
anyways, enjoy the show ! and .. don’t forget to… comment big grin

[ CAP ] DOWNLOAD (800×450) : [ MEDIAFIRE ]


  1. YooBin · ·

    omo, he looks so innocent here:D
    dragon medicine~

  2. jihyejoo · ·

    Thank you so much unni xD
    But I’m wondering can you share us the raw video cut?
    I downloaded full show but I want to make sub cut with only HongKi, yah~, as you ^^
    Can you help me?

    If cannot, it’s no problem 😡

    However, thank you so much ^^

  3. ledoquyen · ·

    hi jihyejoo ^.^
    the raw cut is already shared on the previous entry. right on the page u downloaded the full show ^.^
    u should check again !

  4. you are so fast ~~
    thanks so much for sub and share

  5. yunhobella · ·

    how do you find time doing all this?
    you’re so fast…
    btw thank you so much…
    i wish i can acknowledge you more….
    cause you make my life brighter with all these vids…
    i know, i know i should get a life right?
    last but not least….

  6. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    I just got full file a few hours ago
    You uploaded engsub immediately, wow!!!
    Thanks for your sharing

  7. pooja36 · ·

    OOuuh! He’s very cute, it’s a pity he’s so young. It’s a chance for you who are young T.T

    Anyway nice video, Merci from France

  8. jihyejoo · ·

    Oh I didn’t see it >.< Thank you so much unni xD

  9. AeRoMoZa · ·

    Thanks for sharing ne!

  10. AeRoMoZa · ·

    He’s so cute!
    Actually even this file comes with subtitle
    but I still don’t understand about the word game.

  11. ..hi..thx 4 uploading diz..he’s sooooo cutee..

  12. kamEchaN · ·

    omg!!!thaNk u soo much….glad i fouNd this site….hohohoohoho…..thaNk u veRy kaMsa….

  13. thanks a lot for this
    i one REQUESTS for you. only if you like
    i see Cho eun – Sad Love song ( Han Go Eun & Song Il Gook) from
    [video src="http://www.overdl.com/videos/45021820%5BOverDL.com%5D.MP4" /]

    i love this mv and song
    but this not engsub and bad quality

    i REQUESTS you to find engsub and good quality

    for me
    i am gray to find this
    i think you can find this for me
    please please please please please
    i always tank you very much
    please please please please please
    please please please please please
    please please please please please

  14. _WiNd_ · ·

    Wahaha, I dont know anything abt Hea Yeong but I feel like her very very much XDDD~. What a long time, now we can hear Love Sick again XDDD

    Hong Ki is so cute cute cute cute, all the time :X:X:X

  15. haneerar · ·

    yey!!!! thanks you very much for subbing this one. XD

  16. haneerar · ·

    yey!!!! thank you very much for subbing this one. XD

  17. ledoquyen · ·

    Cho eun – Sad Love song REQUEST :
    please don’t request here. It’s …another show.
    and it’s not that i don’t help you. But…i can find HQ video, but i don’t do sub.
    i can sub that video for ya but …. i don’t sub anything “non-FT Island” 😛

    hope ya understand. sorry ^.^

  18. TANK YOU
    i understand you a big fan of FT Island
    dont matter
    but if you can find HQ video only for me (no sub)
    HQ video is good and enough
    please finding

    i wait for this

  19. sunney_here · ·

    yaaay………… thx very much ^^

    for subbing and sharing this >,<

  20. HongKi cuteness is killing us LOL
    thank you for subbing this! ❤

  21. thank you for the subs and video =)

  22. Kpopaddict · ·

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I just watched the youtube version and he’s adorable in it!

  23. Thank you so much


  24. thanks for sharing 😉
    love u~

  25. Thank u so much..i love Hongki and of course u too <33

  26. Lascanstria · ·

    COOL.. SGB! I love this show.. thank you so much for subbing ^^

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