[MV] Chae Yeon – Shake (HD 720×480)

Please REQUEST if u wanna have this file ……
i think i saw Kim Gun Mo … LOL!!! he looks funny laughing


  1. kimchiM · ·

    Please, I would like to have this MV. Send it to me. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Kazumi · ·

    i would like to see this MV .. thnx

  3. hi can i download it plz…thanks be 4

  4. quangzinzin · ·

    hihi plz up load it 4 me ^^

  5. Toriki · ·

    I wanna have one too, please send me the link, thanks

  6. esteban · ·

    nice video of her she looks great

  7. annatima · ·

    thank na ka

  8. I would like to have this MV. Thanks, nice to see Chae Yeon back with a new sexy looks.

  9. Berryz · ·

    Please kindly give me a change to watch this mv. Thx…

  10. Grillin · ·

    Please, I Would like to see this MV, Thanks b4

  11. hi can i download this video?
    please, i would see this MV.
    thank you.

  12. lissyem · ·

    I would love to have this MV, thanks for sharing and all the hard work you do, totally appreciate it! 😀

  13. sumalee · ·

    I would like to see this.
    Thank you.

  14. rezurc · ·

    can we have the Dl please?
    much appreciated!

  15. hi
    can i have this MV?
    thanks 4 share

  16. Sexy ! 😦

  17. sillyfoolstupid · ·

    Thanks for your sharing

  18. hello ^^
    thanx for telling me the original credit, I got it from Quangzinzin and he didnt told me where he got it from lol
    I will change it right now ^^

  19. :)) thank a lot

  20. There’s an error on this video … near at the beginning.. there’s a skip on the audio and a lil later a pixilized frame error..

    overall still a nice vid…

  21. trandatnh · ·

    Hi thank you very much. I have just download a video of Chae Yeon on this site a few day before. And now I see one more video about Shake of Chae Yeon 😀
    you are the best 🙂

  22. Thank you so much !!

  23. thx you very much

  24. Thanks you so much! Love this video…

  25. i want to get the shake live HD thanks…1920×1088

  26. lim ah add · ·

    choreo chae yeon wa xi huan ni…..

  27. thank you for MV =)

  28. cool!!! thx very much

  29. Lunace27 · ·

    thank you =)

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