NAVI (ft Boom) – Heart Damaged (MusicBank 090522) [HD 1920×1088]

i’m really into this song XDXD…… among all the rappers (Crown J / 2PM’s leader / some unknown guys / Boom) , i feel love Crown J the most … LOL!!! he makes the raps sound cruel but awesome at the same time
Every raper has their own version ^^… (not really sure if they write it themselves)  =P

DOWNLOAD (350mb) [HD 1920×1088]



  1. sunday · ·

    i want the DL of this video!!

  2. ShimHanNeul · ·

    I have a smaller version of this one and it’s really hot. I guess it would me so much HOTTER if I can snatch your version. 😀 Thanks!

  3. i would like to request this video. i can never get enough of this song. thank you so much.

  4. I really want this file.
    Thank you~~~~

  5. Please share this pleaseee =D
    i love Navi, she’s a great singer !

  6. ppg9191 · ·

    would like the DL pls:) looking everywhere for the HD ver… beatiful song, love how the rap fits in so well, similar to the latest song by 8eight too:P pls pls pls pls pls
    thanks in advance!

  7. Speedyplatinum · ·

    I’m totally digging this song!
    Would love to request this video~
    I think you’re “unknown person” is TaekYeon?!
    He’s one of the members from 2PM and I have one of the performances in which he rapped for Navi…
    Thank you so much again for sharing!

    P.S. Hope it’s HD ^^*

  8. Juliaa · ·

    oooh i didn’`t know boom feathured o.o;
    thank youu fer sharing

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Speedyplatinum: Ah~ No ^^’…
    ofcouse i know TaekYeon….actually, didnt know his name but, sure know he’s 2PM ^^…

    my unknown guy was a guy that sang with Navi on M!countdown… dont remember the day though =P

  10. funnybunny · ·

    thanks for uploading. the only other people that performed this song with navi are the members of untouchable.

  11. thnx for sharing.. i also luv this song

  12. zombienarc · ·

    i;m wondering if u could upload the mp3 of this song? I really like this song.

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