[MV] Mate – Yearning [HQ]

HD QUALITY big grin
They ‘re new band, obviously ^^…… their first album was released about 1 month ago .
Good band, i have to say ^^….soft vocal (isn’t it too soft for a male-vocal ?
tongue)….. I still don’t know much about this band, but looks like they have 3 mans and 1 woman on the band .. What catch my eyes is that the drummer really have the American-look ^^ … and he has the special way of holding the sticks big grin
Anyways, their song is really sweet and relaxing ^^… ENJOY!

Credit: Qoouooc


  1. kk.tsk · ·

    Thanks for HQ. I love this band.

  2. kk.tsk · ·

    there is only three men in the band, btw. Woman is jast an actress.

  3. na-chan · ·


  4. i’ll try listening to it. thanks!

  5. ultranguik · ·

    thank you

  6. LuvzKoreanz101 · ·

    its not downloading the whole video. the 2nd one is just the end of the song…

  7. ledoquyen · ·

    what do u mean ? you’re supposed to download both parts and join them in using hjsplit

  8. thanks for sharing…anyway,do you happen to have their album too?

  9. Funzee · ·

    Hmmm…just curious…
    Komawo… ^^

  10. Funzee · ·

    I’ve info 4 U ’bout these 3 dazzling guys…

    “Indie rock fans rejoice because there’s a new group in town and they call themselves Mate. This three member band Lee Hun Eel (vocals and guitar), Jung Jun Eel (vocals and keyboard) and Lee Hyun Jae (drums-(described as being dazzling while playing the drums)rocked up the Cyworld indie scene prior to their debut.”

    And…I like Lee Hun Eel “soft” voice, but…Lee Hyun Jae really catch my eyes…another “Charming guys” ^^
    Luv d’ MV & song too…
    Thanks 4 sharing thiz good things…

  11. thank you.. i’ll try this one =)

  12. Thank you… ^^

  13. i love them..tq!!

  14. jeongmal komawo-yo..
    been looking for this!!

  15. Takin it , Thanks!!!!!!

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