FT island – The Cool VS The Pretty (FT VS Primadonna) [Mnet 090521] (HD)

I’m late, i know big grin
But…. isn’t this worth the wait ?? tongue… don’t get why they suddenly have a special stage like this …….. but they look totally cool !!! XDXD love struck love struck ENJOY !!!



  1. thank you so much

  2. yes, its very worth to wait omg why seunghyun forgot the lyric again and now really cant wait their showcase in singapore, definitely coming

    n thank you very much

  3. 김홍기 · ·

    thanks so muchhhh

    Hongki really so cute ang jaejin so cool haha

    Seunghyun fightingggggggg

    Minhwan what happen eoth yr hair =_=

    I love Jonghun when he plays guitar ^^

  4. arzayu · ·

    ya its worth it~~~ love it~~
    thanks… can’t wait to download them

  5. mayoomay · ·

    Of course, yes XD

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Reques MQ Performes….
    cause i cant not wacth in HD performes

    thank you….i wait it.

  7. thanks! yes, worth the wait!!

  8. thanks

  9. ranchu* · ·

    Thank you very much ^^

    I love to see their performance ~~~~~~~~~

    So cooooool !!!

  10. ahhhh…i’m waiting for this…thank u sooooooo much^^

    jaejin outfit so cute…

    its been a long time since to see them perform in a show…miss them so much!!!

  11. Hehe loved this Perf.
    Jongshin rocking out is so hot. *___*
    Aww Hyunie forgot lyrics and JaeJin looked so cute.
    Hwan needs more airtime !
    Thank you <33

  12. _WiNd_ · ·

    waaaaaaaa, they sing this song again, I love it XD

    Thank you very much =)

  13. Thanks for your sharing ^^

  14. sunney_here · ·

    took this tooo thanks ^^

  15. arghh i’m late! T-T
    thanks 4 this!

    luv jaejin weee~~

  16. YooBin · ·

    to:raniah(or anyone else who know about it)
    Are they really really comming to Singapore? When and where is it held? :D!

  17. myhongki · ·

    how come the second part of mediafire file doesn’t work?

  18. ledoquyen · ·

    if nothing changes, then they’ll come to Sing on 27th June 2009…
    i dont think they’ve decided the place yet ~ or they did but i dont know =D

    well, Singaporean should know this clearer than me ^^…. ask one !

  19. thanx a bunch for sharing!!!!

  20. tanxiaohan · ·

    Can I request the MQ version…???
    Thanks before…

  21. Melissa · ·

    oh gosh they are coming to singapore?!?! is anyone here going? anyone knows how/when/where they are selling the tix?! =O

  22. hi YooBin
    the showcase will be held on June 27 n the ticket will be sell next Sat May 30. btw im not singaporean

  23. taking this one.. tysm! ^^

  24. YooBin · ·

    thanks for the info:D

  25. thx a lot for sharing

    oh!!miz them so much

    didnt see their live for a long time…

  26. fatin farhana · ·

    i have downloaded this but why is the sound doesn’t come out so well? i have to increase my computer’s volume to maximum but it still not fully satisfy..emm i wonder why?

  27. Quyen… are you going to sing?
    coz i’m going n it’s a great thing if i can see you there too =)

    to melissa:
    they gonna sell the ticket from May 39th until June 24th.
    The showcase ticket cost SG$100/person @ IMM Atrium
    you can check primanoona wp for further details =)

  28. ledoquyen · ·

    @ CJ : i want to T_T….i want it badly T_T…but i can’t T_T … i’m going mad… X_x
    btw, aren’t there only 800tickets ? =D … are u sure u can buy one ? XD…

    @ fatin farhana: hi ^^… if u say so, then u would be amazed by how loud the sound can go.
    anyways, the audio was encoded by ‘Audio Coding 3’ codec (aka AC-3) … please make sure your computer has AC-3 audio codec .
    the audio’ll be from perfect to awesome when u have the codec installed properly on ur comp ^^…

    hope that helps… leave me message if u have any further question ^^~

  29. ah.. i wish you could go too! T_T
    my friend has a cousin in singapore so she’s the one whose gonna buy it for us. she promise to buy it on may 30th so maybe i’ll able to get the poster too =)
    rite now, i’m very very worried ’bout the fanmeet =( since they only allow 9 overseas fans to attend the fanmeet T_T
    for those tickets, we must answers the questions which they’ll post at primanoona wp.
    Goshh… the fastest 9 with correct answers from sooo many people?? i really not sure i can make it…
    just wish me luck. i really need it big!!
    gosh i really wanna see hongki & be able to at least shake his hand… i’m sure you know how i feel ^__*

  30. ledoquyen · ·

    i dont understand why they held a showcase and a fan meeting but they all so small ..T_T..
    only 800ppl at concert and abt 50 for fan meeting ?? -_-…
    anyways, good luck =D
    but, i heard that at every concert of them, u’re allowed to shake hand with FT at then end ^^…and give them gifs.
    don’t know if they do the same on showcase =P
    And if u do go, remember to share me some fancams XD..or pics XD…ok ? XD

    OMG ~ how come i feel excited XD…as if i could come .. LOL!!

  31. yeah me too! couldn’t understand why =/
    like the organizer fear they won’t sold out >_<
    Quyen.. i think i missed the fanmeet T_T
    just posted my answer but the connection tricked me *sobs*
    lend me ur sholders, will you? ^^
    rmm… my friends supposed to watch their concert at malay last year… but you knew the story =P
    luckily they still held meet & greet.. so she got the chance to shake hand with all of them & gave her gifts. and i think she'll get the fanmeet ticket just now.. while i'll be left behind *sobs again*
    it's really unfair. only 9 from what… 30-50? but who am i to say something *sigh*
    hope i can give my gifts even though i miss the fanmeet!
    yeah… i'll try my very best to take some pics or even maybe fancams ^^
    but from my experience with shinhwa cons there… it's really hard to 'manage' the cam ^^;;
    i'll let you know for sure!! =D

  32. Quyen…..
    i made it! oh my goshh!! i manage to get a fanmeet ticket! me & a close frined of mine! i really wanna cry n laugh at the same time rite now =D
    certainly will share what i can get ^__*
    ah.. if only you could go too *hugz*

    first i already felt hopeless, but never cross my mind, finally i can make it *o*
    now it’s time to wory ’bout the SC ticket & other things ^^;;

    btw do you know YA already sell the lightstick, necklace similar to hongki’s etc?
    i made a request to them, but never though they gonna provide them so soon =)

  33. WOW ~~ CONGRATULATE ^^… happy for ya ~ =D
    i took a look at YA .. and, saw those new stuffs ^^…i like the lightstick XD…
    but i dont think that necklace’s similiar to hongki’s, if u dont wanna say ‘totally different’
    u can have a look at Hongki’s necklace here:

    and…isn’t all the money selling these will be on YA’s hands ??…
    i don’t buy non-officical stuffs =D

    anyways, have jun with the showcase and fanmeet and all ^^… im gonna be so so so jealous XDXD

  34. yeah you were rite bout the necklace LOL
    it’s just the ‘same’ skull hehehe
    the original item is from dvdheaven n another korean website which sell accesories that ‘similar’ to idol’s ^^
    for myself, i must save more money to pay the tickets =P so i’m stuck to the official goodies too hehehehe

  35. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  36. matsurika · ·

    thanks for sharing ^^v

  37. Whats the song that FT sang ?

  38. pitopazano · ·

    does anyone know why he always wears tha tnecklace? he wore it to a lot of performances/shows, and even his You’re Beautiful drama. Does it have a special story behind it?

  39. thank u so much…

  40. waahhhhh really like dis video. so energetic! thanks to you for sharing dis video.
    love u guys!

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