Daily Archives: May 22, 2009

NAVI (ft Boom) – Heart Damaged (MusicBank 090522) [HD 1920×1088]

HOT MUSIC STAGE !!! ^^…. REQUEST PLEASE!!! DOWNLOAD LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!! i’m really into this song XDXD…… among all the rappers (Crown J / 2PM’s leader / some unknown guys / Boom) , i feel love Crown J the most … LOL!!! he makes the raps sound cruel but awesome at the same time […]

[MV] SHINee – Juliet

Er….can i say this ??…. i’m disappointed, both the song …. and the hair style i thought after AMIGO, there would be something better than that… but well, unfortunately… NOT even close ~~

[MV] After School – Dream girl

FT island – The Cool VS The Pretty (FT VS Primadonna) [Mnet 090521] (HD)

I’m late, i know But…. isn’t this worth the wait ?? … don’t get why they suddenly have a special stage like this …….. but they look totally cool !!! XDXD ENJOY !!!

[MV] Lee Jung Hyun – Crazy (HQ)

[MV] AJ – Wiping the tears

[MV] Mate – Yearning [HQ]

HD QUALITY They ‘re new band, obviously ^^…… their first album was released about 1 month ago . Good band, i have to say ^^….soft vocal (isn’t it too soft for a male-vocal ?)….. I still don’t know much about this band, but looks like they have 3 mans and 1 woman on the band […]