[MV] Super Junior – It’s You (Drama Ver.) [HQ]




  1. Can u please upload the low quality one?

  2. Thank you so much for the HQ!

  3. na-chan · ·

    wow..thanks a lot

  4. nosuha · ·

    yay!! tQ ^___^

  5. minniesTT^^ · ·

    Thank you for the HQ one.

  6. I love HQ
    Is that Kibum?
    Thanks for your sharing

  7. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing….

  8. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing…

  9. luv it!!!!
    thank you..^_^

  10. dogrose · ·


  11. chikiball · ·

    whoaaa..thank you so much…
    i’m glad that i’ve found it..
    i like this version better than dance version..^__^
    anyway thanks a lot!

  12. dongsu · ·

    thank you for the link download:)

  13. studmuffin777 · ·

    at 0:44 who is it in the suit, i just cant figure it out, im a new fan, but its bugging me, so pleez help

  14. colorthynails · ·

    grabbing this.

  15. Yay HQ! ❤ Thanks for this!

  16. HI! how can i join the two files? hehe. thanks!

  17. Thanks for shareing.
    Can anyone tell me how to put these two files into one?

  18. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Kalis: USE HJ SPLIT
    u can search for it (and how to use it) on google ^^

  19. To ledoquyen:
    Thank you so much.
    It’s really kind of you to reply my question.:)

  20. thanks for share the HQ ^^

  21. kpop@ddict · ·

    Thanks for sharing this one!

  22. thank you dear.i love this mv very much & i can’t sleep in nights when i don’t listen to this mv!!thank you for sharing!!
    life is superjunior…!!!

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