[FT Island & Kara] MBC Idol show Ep03 Season4 (2009-04-23)

Well,…..big grinright now im just gonna say this show is A MUST SEE XD…….
Jin couldn’t appear due to his practice for the musical……………”Sonagi” blushing I finally learn how to write this musical’s name in the right way
big grin
DOWNLOAD FULL SHOW (700mb) [640×480]: [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ]


DOWNLOAD FT ISLAND [CUT] (486mb) [640×480]: [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ]

There’s FT’s cut because in the first 15mins, Kara has another guest……i forgot his name tongue
it was filmed in another day, i guess …..continue of the previous episode.
it was…..boring in MY opinion big grin but yes!!!…..it always depends on you … download whatever u like!



  1. thanks for sharing this

    those kara gurls are damn lucky
    whats wrong with leader’s hair looks like having bad hair day

  2. reQuest 4 FT cut please

  3. thanks fo this…

    yup agreed wif raniah..what wrong wif jonghun’s hair…nway still looks cool on me^^

    KARA so cute! Hara looks really cute!

  4. thank you for sharing i like FT !!!!!

  5. Hi….Thankz Quyen!
    It seems very excited!
    Oh..I’ve replied for you on Yahoo…Bút There are some problems so u cant see my comment….Hihihi…
    I think u should restart PC.

  6. oh my goshhhhh i can’t believe it. My 2 favorites!!!! I hope the sub is coming soon :D. By the way, i want to ask about HongKi and Heechul’s Good Daddies show.. THe english sub version of ep 3 is the newest one right? I just want to make sure… I don’t want to miss any sub episodes. I love that show so much.. HOngki just kills me by his cuteness and his endless energy!!!

  7. lol yay!!!
    thx for getting the ‘Sonagi’ right this time also XD

  8. Thank you so much ^^

  9. owaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    thank you so muchh
    i really love yaaa

  10. OMG!!! kara’s got chances to be with ft island..
    so jealous.. haha..
    neway, gonna download it.. hehe.. thanks ya~~

  11. i’m downloading both… love both groups! thanks a lot for this!

  12. alwayshere · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  13. Quyen, the other guest is chun hee :p
    he is actor & a regular host in Family Outing.
    actually i skipped the 1st part as well ^^;;
    Hongki is soooo cute! Especially when he playing so happily with the kids =D
    it match him so much LOL
    thanks for the full n the cut ^__^

  14. ledoquyen · ·

    thanks CJ :D…yes! i saw him on Family Outing…but dont know his name and didnt pay much attention on him XDXD
    i guess he’s just famous after that show, right?
    coz…dont see any drama/movie with him that is popular =D

  15. Rachael Simba · ·

    hahah! jong hun’s hair so funny! hong gi is so cute! as usual 🙂
    jae jin’s not there too bad!

  16. carmen: love ft island 4 ever ~ hope jae jin dont wont sad~

  17. que lingo , antes pensava que kara hacia bonita pareja con shinee , pero creo que me equivoque , bueno aun creo eso jejejeje

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