[MV] IU – Boo




  1. Thanks^^

  2. na-chan · ·

    thank u so much ^^

  3. chizuuu · ·

    thanks ^^

  4. thank u!!!

  5. Yhis MV looks so cute!
    Thank you~

  6. link is dead : O or say error … I dunno maybe only for me but it say invalid link lol

  7. ledoquyen · ·

    well….^^ it works for me!
    u should try again at later time.
    coz at some times, in some places….mediafire is freaking crazy =D

  8. aikawaii · ·

    Omg Thank you so,so much! i just listened to this and i Love it. Thanks again.

  9. sabrexlxl · ·

    Cute mv , Thanks!!!

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