[ENGSUB] FT Island – MBC idol show Season 1 ep2 [080718]

Sorry for the long wait ~~ it costs much more time to edit the sub than i though ….whew!
Anyways ^^…..enjoy the show!big hug and please say something if u download or watch this. Just to support the subbers …Thanks!big grin

YOUTUBE: [ PART1 ] [ PART2 ] [ PART3 ] [ PART4 ] [ PART5 ]



  1. EstherShierly · ·

    Thanks sooooo much for sharing.I’ve been waiting for this^_^

  2. thanks a lot for subbing it!

  3. omg, thank you so much for subbing this!!! ah, i’ve always wanted to watch fti as mcs, but i can’t understand 😦
    thank you times milllionnsss!

  4. Hi! I wuz wondering how come after i downloaded it, it wouldn’t play? i tried downloading it again and rename the file without the 001… can some help me plz? thxx^^

  5. Thanks so much for the subbed version, now I understand what’s going on! Thanks a bunch!!!

  6. thanks a million for this… love this show with FT!

  7. Hey, keep up the good work! it must be hard for you guys, but we’re all rooting for you. spread the ft island love. 😀

  8. YOu rock!! I love you 😀 By the way, thanks uploading Good Daddy show. I have watched until ep 3 with sub. I love every second of HOngki and Heechul oppa. The show itself is fun and meaningful too. THankssssssssss so much for all your works. God bless you the best

  9. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Jess: u should download HJ Split.
    put all those 001, 002, 003….file extension in one folder. Use HJ split to join them in
    in the end u would get ONE avi file ^^

  10. thanks, thanks, thanks…..
    thanks for the subs…this shows really great esp ft islnd as a host..^^

  11. alwayshere · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  12. Thank you so much ^^

    So I’ll understand that they say ei ei ^^

  13. bumblebee · ·

    Thanks so much for subbing this ! I truly appreciate all your hard work. Once again. THANK YOU!

  14. ooooooooohhhhh~~~ I’ve been looking for this for the longest time!!! *squee* THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  15. @Quyen: thanks so much my dear. You have a great day!

  16. waaah ive been wanting to see the tickle ep thank you
    i’ll just go with yt

  17. aahhhh thank you so much *hugzz*
    miss seeing them in this show so much ^^;;

  18. you are love!!
    i am so downloading this.thanks so much dear, for all the hardworks~

  19. Thanks for this, greatly appreciated 🙂

  20. wowJhil · ·

    I love this show, thanks for subbing this!

  21. hongki is love · ·

    than you so much!!!…been waiting for this…this is so entertaining…appreciate your whole team effort…:)

  22. yay!!!!! love u (= thank you …i’ll download later…tq..tq..tq… to subbers+uploader…

  23. purple_bee · ·

    thanks for subbing & sharing!!!

  24. Thanks you so much for this video!

  25. Thanks for sharing ^^

  26. miemie2 · ·

    thank-you so very much for sharing this!!

  27. omg! thank you so much for subbing this! love you!

  28. OMG thank you so much!!!! I love you!!!! xD

  29. thank you very much

  30. Hi, just wanna ask you
    Is this every1 idol season 1 with SJH for MC right??
    Wow…i’ve been looking around and didn’t find it. I just hope some angel primmadonna want to subbed so ELF didn’t subb this episode. Thanks for hardworking and sharing this…

  31. thanks for the subs^^

  32. kyoko · ·

    thank you so much!

  33. i’m taking this
    thanks so much 4 subbing

  34. love subbed tv show.. tysm! *o*
    oh btw.. season 1 ep 2? where is the previous ep? i didn’t catch up w. this show so i don’t know F.TI appears in which eps.. ^^;

  35. thanks so much for subbing this, made me like ft island more and showing their other talents and abilities! hwaiting 😀

  36. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Ne : the previous ep was the one with SuperJunior as MCs…. so we just don’t sub it ^^…

  37. bluristic · ·

    Hi, thanks a lot for the subbed version ! It’s so much more easier to understand what they are saying. 😀 But, part2 of the download can’t seem to work.. Is there smth wrong with it ? It states that video has been removed. Thanks a lot.

  38. Thank you thank you thank you~~

    Love this showwww.

  39. Thank you so much for subbing!

  40. thank you for subbing =)

  41. thank you =)

  42. Thank you! But I have a problem – I can’t download 5th part ; _ ; The link is working, but the file won’t download ; – ; please help!

  43. Thank u so much for uploading xxxxxxxxx Luv FT Island !!!!!!

  44. Awesome! Thank you. I’ve been looking for the second episode!

  45. undermysky · ·

    thx for sharing!!this show is so funny…but i need to download it twice because i cant join the files 😦

  46. hopetilltheend · ·

    thx for sharing..but i wanna ask why i cant join the files. its because of the different in names of the files. can u help me with this?

  47. @hopetilltheend: u downloaded twice and still can’t join the file ?
    if that’s the problem about file name, then just change the file names so they would be the same.
    also, make sure all the parts were downloaded properly.

  48. irna fibi · ·

    thank you,,,,,,


  49. cherrybeary · ·

    thank u so much for your hard work ^^

  50. thanks very much for subbing~
    n thanks for the mediafire links too~~
    nomu kamsahmnida….

  51. movie freak · ·

    thank you soooooooooooooooo much

  52. Thank you for your hard work! Without your generosity people like me who don’t know Korean would never get to enjoy such fun and interesting shows!

  53. thanx this episode is hilarious!!

  54. angelrain · ·

    wow~ thank you so much for this 🙂

  55. thanks

  56. Kaze@360kpop · ·

    really love this show
    thanks for sharing
    this is so funny

  57. thank you =]

  58. thank you…
    love u guys..^^

  59. annohime · ·

    Omoo.. thank you so much..
    been looking this for so long.

  60. Thanks so much. ^_^

  61. FoomiTokS · ·

    спасибо большое за работу!!!
    скажите пожалуйста, а можно скачать субтитры отдельно?

  62. thank you so much for this 🙂

  63. Thank you soooo muchhhhh!!!!!

    I was wondering if you would be kind enough to sub episodes 1, and 6 too, pleaseeeee?

    I couldn’t find them anywhere T_T

    But that is in the case you have time, ofcourse.

    Thank you again, so so much :X

  64. prima_rose · ·

    I love to watch every shows that FT Island is in… ^^ I appreciate your hard work! God bless!

  65. Mi Yeong · ·

    I was searching this episode during few weeks…..THANK YOU!!!!!! You made my day ^^

  66. jae han the star · ·


  67. jae han the star · ·

    hi every one i thing i dol show it was funny but dont miss the new i dol show 5 will be u kiss

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