Daily Archives: April 16, 2009

M! Countdown 2009-04-16 (Selected performances) [HD 720×480]

Even i don’t kn ow why this show was posted-up that fast …Especially it has nothing to do with FT ISLAND XDXD Anyways, since many ppl here requested for the last week’s special stage…….i’ll try to have it uploaded as soon as possible ^^………….just enjoy this week’s candy first !!!! SPECIAL STAGE THIS WEEK: CHUNG […]

FT Island – Missing You (M!Coundown 090416) [HD 720×480]

U can see where this song goes on M!countdown music chart……..BUT …. i’m not gonna say anything now =D download the vid and figure it out yourself I’m so in love with this performance XDXD…..hongki’s voice was so powerful….. And…Jonghun got quite much screen-time in this was it because he said the camera was only […]

[ENGSUB] FT Island – Mnet Wide News Interview (White day special) [090316]

Yet another wonderful interview with FT island …. it’s quite old though …. BOTH YOUTUBE AND MEDIAFIRE ARE AVAILABLE TRANSLATED BY YUANLINS SUBBED BY HAILEY Try to catch up with the caption T_T don’t blame me….it’s running with the speed of light T_T

[HD] After school – DiVa & AJ – dancing shoes [Music Core 090411]