[MV] FT island – I Believe Myself

This MV is now available on ORICON.……..again, PLEASE WATCH THIS ON ORICON. Your watching will actually help FT Island on ORICON CHART
And even if i don’t ………. the download link for this MV will be everywhere right after our uploaders know about its existence
oh go on
Anyways, i’m not complaining…..just Please watch it on ORICON for once. and PLease also take the ORICON link with you whereever u re-upload..winking..
Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. ranchu* · ·

    Thank you so much ^^

    I wait for this time ha ha ha

  2. natash91 · ·

    hi~! i’m taking this.. ^^ thank you so much~!!

    don’t worry, i’ll also force people to watch it in Oricon when i re-upload it! haha.. 🙂

    again, thank you very much~! ^^

  3. matsurika · ·

    if i reupload this one sure i’ll put the oricon links..
    thanks a ton:)

  4. thanks a lot for sharing^^

  5. thanks!!!
    wish there are more seung hyun in this vid..
    thanks again!!!

  6. hmm… If I watch it everytime I can, does it count to the chart? =P
    or they use some kind of IP Address thingy? ^^;;
    thanks for the link ~oricon & dl~ Hailey ^^
    Gonna put the oricon link in mine.
    FTI Fighting! \^_^/

  7. nomu gamsahae yo…
    FT island.. aja !!

  8. Thanks you so much!^^

  9. thank you^^

  10. thanks a lot!!
    i came to love FT island because of you..

    anyway, i know this should not be the place, but cn i re-request Kim Joon+Kang Min Kyung perf @ MCountdown 090409?
    they sang ‘I Love U, Oh Thank U’.


  11. thanks a lot for the MV. somehow my university server blocks the Oricon website…. grrrr! Ganbate FT!

  12. thank you for this! im grabbing it!

  13. thank you so much! i loved their new song! ^^

  14. thank u so much^^

  15. thanks a lot…
    wow! something’s new here. imeem XD

  16. taking this tq so much!!!! huhuh love ya!!!

  17. thank you! ^^

  18. miitoko · ·

    Thanks for uploading,! Hope this single does well!

  19. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing….

  20. thanks for upload ^^

  21. i hope u will upload the HQ one soon…
    i really love this PV…so cool n feel refreshing + they’re so cute n hawt^^

  22. thanks for sharing….. ^^

  23. taking this one.. tx a lot! ^^

    ur yahoo blog isnt updated again?

  24. ledoquyen · ·

    @ Ne: yes ^^….coz it has too many errors.
    and yahoo will delete 360blog. they have some new services which i dont like =D

    i thought i should have told everybody some words on my 360yahoo! but…T_T…i can’t even compose new post these days T_T

  25. Funzee · ·

    Xie xie…
    Terima Kasih…
    Thanks… ^^

  26. sunney_here · ·

    thank you so much for this…. ^^

  27. thanks!! ^________^

  28. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato! =3

  29. sabrexlxl · ·


  30. thanks a lot!!

  31. sassycie · ·

    thanks you..

  32. malditangjen · ·

    taking this, thank you for sharing ❤

  33. prima_rose · ·

    Thanks a lot! ^^

  34. i like F.T Island
    kpan sich my heart ( F.T Island / HONGKI )
    dtng ke indonesia
    kan saia pngn ktmu sma cinta saia yg prtma (HONGKI)

    i will promise F.T Island
    i love F.T Island / HONGKI

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