FT Island – MBC Let’s Sleep Here Tonight [090410]


I’m back big grin …… isnt it too late to say anything now? XDXD THIS SHOW IS HOT GIRLS love strucklove struck
Actually, everthing with  FT Island is HOT to me oh go on…. BUT, lets just say this is the HOTTEST these days rock on!. Leader is such a hotie ever since he was little … HongKi’s mom also appeared……..and if u do watch FT Island’s old shows… (wonderful outing) u sure remember that HongKi called his mom once, for a mission……and his mom was actually very funny, talkative thinking…. but she’s a little quiet in here… doesnt seem like her big grin..
OK! i’ll leave the rest for you to discover…. enjoy the show!
big hug
DOWNLOAD (550mb) [640×480]: [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-03 ]



  1. saw their childhood pictures from this program posted somewhere. they all look the same … even Baby Min Hwan looks like him now. they are just sooooo cute and adorable. i think out of all the boybands out there, FT Island is the most good-looking boyband. thanks for sharing the full ver of the program.

  2. oh my gosh… thanks for uploading this… all of them are so cuteeeeeee…especially Hongki oppa ;D.. By the way, i found a performance After love on September 4, 2008. It’s FT Island’s come back stage.. Hongki oppa outfit was really cool. And he started singing the chorus first.. It was so cool. I was looking for that performance on your blog.. But i don’t see it. So i want to share with you. This is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLDiKRK7jKs&fmt=18

    Thanks again for all your works. I love visiting your blog 🙂

  3. OMG I can’t for this ep. to come out

    your the best at the best for FT ISLAND
    i swear you should be their manager

  4. this is so cuuute :]
    thanks fer sharing ❤

  5. o,mo~~ this gonna be great~~ can’t wait to watch it…
    ledoquyen~~ you’re so jjang!!! hehe

  6. beemeepooh · ·

    i think i should DL it haha
    just coz i saw my hunny >< when he was young !!!
    so cute!!


    thank you -/\-

  7. hongki is love · ·

    yes..i noticed that old show with PKL (he lost in a game – was asked to call his mom with a mission – so his mom to say ” i love u” to him)…and at the end he failed…kekke…he had to explained evrything to his mom about the i love u thing…and she said proudly “LEE HONGKI….SARANGHANDA!!!”his mom sound talkative…may she’s not in front of camera…even in Vitamin also she was quite….

    but..omoni…your son is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  8. onulbam! ive been waiting, and will wait more for sub, gosh i love the ep with suju, this should be fantastic too!

  9. I wish there’s going to be a sub for this one *praying* coz I think a full show that only focus on FTI is become rare now *sigh*
    so that’s why this show is superb! love every minute of it.
    I think now I become Elysha’s fan too LOL
    thanks for uploading this show, Hailey ^^

  10. alwayshere · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  11. Honggi’s so cute.He’s look like pretty girl

    Thanks for your sharing

  12. sorry but how come it works when i watch part 1? but dont work when i watch the other parts? ive try vc and divr but it still dont work.. can someone please help me? 🙂

  13. ledoquyen · ·

    sorry for being late,Hyunji 😛

    u download all the parts and then join them together using HJ split ^.^
    that’s how it works,
    u try and if still have probs, leave me more message ^.^

  14. kamEchaN · ·

    hohohooh…omg thanks for sharing ya…*hugs*..

  15. Thanks for sharing this HQ video. This program is more unique than some other programs, since the precious childhoon photos and stories are introduced. Especially Hongki talked candidly about his past and his mom also appeared in this program. A must see video!!

  16. it don’t have eng sub >.<

  17. how come it works when i watch part 1? but dont work when i watch the other parts?

  18. u guys are amazing..i’ve searched every where for this…tnx a million..:)

  19. really want to watch this variety show…somebody that have the video please upload again…tq..really appreciate it..

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