AST’1 – yearning of the heart (Music Bank 090403) (HD 1920×1088)


OK! im glad that they’re back…..but who’re they again tongue
I’m not tryin’ to be mean, or tricky or anything. But it’s true that they didnt get much attention in the very first beginning….And since everyone’s taking advantage of BOF drama’s popularity, it’s good for them to comeback with the soundtrack, i guess….. this one is a nice song though.
download links~ [ PART1 ] [ PART2 ] [ PART3 ] [ PART4 ] [ PART5 ]


  1. cappiejunsu · ·

    A link please

    A’ST1 ❤ ❤

  2. i request link for this perf
    great to see them again

  3. please do upload!
    i miss them and they look great in white tux. ❤


  4. Please and thank you! ❤

  5. thanks so much for A’ST1

  6. Diff_eq · ·

    please,give me the links?
    thanks you for sharing
    i like this song of AST1
    thank again

  7. request,,, please,,

  8. joinesz · ·

    i want it

  9. eshou91 · ·

    please upload this….
    miss my han byul…

  10. eshou91 · ·

    plese uplod this…
    miss my han byul

  11. mandapanda · ·

    i want the dl link<3

  12. omg! i love this song!!! thank you so much! can i get the DL link for this please? thank u!

  13. kpopjjang · ·

    im requesting this perf
    i really miss them ^^

  14. Please upload it!

  15. JJ_Lovers · ·

    please upload this performance….I like this song…

  16. please upload ^^

  17. love this song & yes, it has been a while, i’ve missed them. can i get the link please???

    thanks heaps in advance 😀

  18. I want this too.. Please up. Thanks~

  19. i have been waiting for the come back stage of this song. i really like this song very much!!!
    so it is grateful to you for sending the link to me.. i’m waiting na ja

    Thank you very much ^0^

  20. please a linkssssss


  21. Thank for the link

    i really love this song 🙂

  22. theLOSER · ·

    THANK YOU <3!

  23. thanks^

  24. Thanks!^^

  25. punkovie · ·

    thanks a lot for sharing….
    i luv the song sooooo much….

  26. thank u^^ love the song^^

  27. tammykan · ·

    love hq stuff
    i’ll be waiting for you to upload the hq version of their Dynamite comeback stage!!! XDDDDD hehe thanks!!

  28. joinesz · ·

    thanks for d links…i love d song but not into them so much hahahaha^^ mian

  29. thanx u

  30. I love this song..

  31. Thank you

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