[single] AJ – first episode a new hero


SINGLE: first episode a new hero
Release Date: 2009-04-03
Language: Korean
Genre: Hiphop/rap/dance
Bit Rate: 192 KBPS
well, i didnt know that guy caught that much attention ~ big grin just look at those comments below love struck and this post is now standing at no.1 on my ‘Top posts’ range. big grin thanks you all for waiting and supporting love struck


01. Intro
02. Dancing Shoes
03. 2009(feat. 현아)
04. 눈물을 닦고
05. 댄싱 슈즈(inst.)


  1. yay! thank you so much ! i’ll be waiting for the links ^_^


    i keep refreshing… im going on a trip for 4 days and i really want this… thanks~!

  3. omg so hot!

  4. I can’t wait for this 🙂

  5. thanksa lot!! waiting for the link. ^-^

  6. thank you

  7. miss.kim · ·

    yaaaaaay. i cant waaaaiit!! =)
    thank youuuu ^^

  8. BeeHwan · ·

    thank you so much^^…waiting for the link


  9. Waiting!! ^^

  10. cutiegirl · ·

    thank you

  11. Wow very interesting

  12. Very great!!!


    I hope he can go big ~ he’s still fresh for this industry

  14. thank you so much!

  15. Thanks for sharing .)

  16. just wonder who is he?

  17. Thank you:)

  18. thx for sharing this

  19. owesome
    thank u

  20. @leka

    He’s a new JYP/Cube singer. I really like his hip hop style…his dance is great, his song is catchy, and he looks good! hahahah..

    thank you for the link! always support you!

  21. Thank you so so much! His song is so catchy 😀

  22. Mmmm…very addictive…
    Thanks 4 u’r recommendation…
    Like it… ^^

  23. I love him!!

    Thanks so Much!

  24. Thx 4 sharing!
    he’s so hot:)

  25. wow this guy got so much comment, hmm i wanna know whats all the fuss about. ^^ i’m assuming since there is alot of comments his songs are good thanks for uploading i’mma check him out

  26. im grabbing it, thank you

  27. THANKYOUUUUU he’s so cute <33

  28. usaFangrrl · ·

    Ok, another new one. I like the video. Thank you for sharing this!

  29. joinesz · ·

    thanks…love d song

  30. thank you..

    i love dancing shoes and i really addicted to the song right now..

  31. xNoodles · ·

    Ooooh, I’ve been looking for this mini-album. THANKS! 🙂

  32. uknowSyiqa · ·

    thanx 4 sharing..

  33. thank you…^^

  34. Oh my. Thank you a ton! ;3

  35. thanks for the album dl 😀

  36. vanity_honey · ·

    thanks a lot !! I was searching this since a long time
    chu♥ !!

  37. kutty:P · ·

    thanks ive been searching this for ages too:)

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