[MV] AJ – dancing shoes





  1. yay! thank you so much for this! i’ll be waiting! please also do upload Bae Seul Gi’s New MV ^_^

  2. thanks 😀

  3. Thanks!

  4. aaa
    thx for sharing this ^^

  5. thanks so much ^^

    addict to this song now

  6. silentweed · ·

    nhóc này nhìn mặt giống giống seven, hát cũng hơi bị được 🙂 this dude looks like Se7en, sings Ok

  7. Thank You so much.

    Can you upload it for HD.

    I want to see his face clearer haha:)


  8. His step look like RAIN..

  9. zOMG! o.O
    Thank you so much.
    And OMG Hyun Ah (Ex-Wonder Girl)!
    It’s nice to see her comeback.
    She looks amazing here.

  10. matsurika · ·


  11. yaaaaay MORE AJ!

    thank you! <333

  12. Another great new artist! Thank you so much for sharing 😀

  13. Thanks 4 Uploading…
    Like the MV…

  14. chizuuu · ·


  15. he look like Bi and Se7en
    Thank you.

  16. usaFangrrl · ·

    I like his dancing. Thank you for sharing the video!!

  17. Thanks for your sharing

  18. sabrexlxl · ·


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