[MV] 8eight – Without A Heart (ft wonder girls’s sohee) [HD 720×480]


Again, cap will be replaced big grinBut i think i need REQUEST first! Keep in mind that this vid won’t be upload in HQ…. JUST REQUEST FOR HD QUALITY ONLY!!!
[ PART1 ] [ PART2 ]


  1. May I request this MV pls!Thx in advance!

  2. I also request this MV.

  3. I also want this MV..thanks

  4. HD! YEAH! This SOng is so much better than 8282 in my opinion! 8eight is AWSOME!

  5. thanks. i love WG

  6. I want This MV too.

    Thank so much.

  7. an_ubzgal · ·

    PlZ upload this file i also request this MV.

  8. Will you please upload the MV ^^

  9. I want to request for this MV~

  10. can U upload this MV, pliz…pliz…pliz… ^o^

  11. i wanna request for this!!
    hd if possible if not thats cool too!!
    thnx soo much for ur hard work!!

  12. This MV is really cool! May i have it? Plz

  13. I’d like to request this mv, please~~

  14. hik hik y dont u upload this MV. Everybody’s been waiting so long!

  15. this song realy great…love sohee

  16. Thanks I’ve been looking for this!

  17. Hey, its me again…
    I heard that this song have 2 MV’s version, I heard that The online version will featured Hee Chul of Super Junior, is that right?
    Which MV’s will U upload then? Soo Hee version or Soo Hee with Hee Chul version?
    Well, I’m just curious… ^^

  18. Funzee · ·

    Soohee verse…
    Thanks… ^^
    But still curious with heechul verse…
    But most of all, thanks again for the HQ…

  19. marianne · ·

    may i request this please? thank you.. 🙂

  20. sabrexlxl · ·

    looks great, Thanks!!

  21. BoraDori Sone · ·

    Thank you so much.

    I find HD Quality for a long time.

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