FT Island – Pops In Seoul [FACE TIME] [EngSub] 090314

Jaejin introduced himself as vocalist laughingactually ,HongKi and Jonghun was braging abt themselves (it’s true to me though) hee hee and Jinnie just ends perfectly to have a great joke laughingit’s cute love struck
“The title song Bad Woman goes well with … HongKi’s pretty face” laughing <—and it’s not ME who said that rolling on the floor and as usual ,i just love the ending love struck (it’s funny and …poor leader …hee heebeing a leader and he dint get to say one word) laughing
[ CAP ] FT ISLAND – POPS IN SEOUL [FACE TIME] (090314) [HQ AVI 720×480]
(182MB) → [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ] [ENGSUB]


  1. alwayshere · ·

    Thank you so much for sharing…

  2. it’s DL time..
    thanks a lot Kiss kiss

  3. jjang_haibara · ·

    thanx a lot…:D

  4. Thanks a lot for this!

  5. tq^^

  6. taking this one.. tysm! ^^

  7. Thank you~~

  8. Thank you ^^

    Really really appreciate your works

  9. angelrain · ·

    new to the ft island fandom xD
    thank you so much for sharing all of this 🙂
    i can’t wait to see them on march 6 ^^

  10. yay..thank u

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