FT Island – Thunder + Bad Woman [YTNStar LivePower]

This is also called Fatastic Concert .Im not really sure about the broadcast date though big grin
i guess  i was crazy big grin but yes! ~ the song is Thunder (not Love Sick) blushing

[ CAP ] FT ISLAND – LOVE SICK + BAD WOMAN [HQ AVI 720×480] (090314)
(213MB) → [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-03 ]


  1. Wow!! so many links to dl today.
    Thanks for ur effort

  2. hi can i request this link for the full file without it been split coz i have problem with joining the file..i dont mind if it MQ or HQ thank you..

  3. ledoquyen · ·

    ^ mjtl75 : can u wait for me …. for 1 or 2 days =(…i’ll have someone upload it to Megaupload to you ^^
    im really …not at home now =D
    are u ok with MU ?

  4. Thunder! My fav song

    but it remind me…….

    someone T.T

    but i guess Seung Huyn’s voice is not bad

    WOn Bin :((

  5. jjang_haibara · ·

    wow…thunder…i really love this song…

    gonna download it rite noe…


  6. MQ Please!!!

  7. first time for seung hyun singing their old song! can’t wait to see it. thanks a lot!

  8. been loving this song! its so GOOD! Esp. Jaejin~~(-v-)b

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. thnk u very much for sharing

  10. Hoshi Kuran · ·

    Arigato~ =3

  11. Thanks for sharing. Thunder is my favorite song,too. very strong music elements. Love to see them sing this on stage.

  12. Thaaankss~~^^

  13. Fuuyuki · ·

    Thanks for uploading.
    Hearing SeungHyun sings old song bring different feeling.

  14. thank you soooo muchhh ;))))
    love u~

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