FT Island – cling (attachment) [1st DVD Concert] [ENGSUB]

This is an old but great song of FT Island love struck i just love it’s melody … Wonbin did a powerful rap mixed in well with Hongki’s smooth vocal big hug(i’m suddenly missing wonbin (_ _!)…)
… last night Mnet ,FT do have performance … but it was just a replay … so ,i guess u can enjoy ‘Cling’ instead big grin(i just wanna change the atmosphere here sometimes)blushing
(144MB) → [ MEDIAFIRE-01 ] [ MEDIAFIRE-02 ]


  1. OMG!! I’ve been looking for it.
    Just yesterday I did order for their 1st concert (1st Island).
    I miss them a lot and it remind me for their Concert in Thailand.

    Love you guys again LOL

  2. OMG this is my fave song ever among all of their songs -_-
    and i really missed binnie’s rap D:
    anyway thank you for sharing this 8D

  3. thanks so much

    rock u!

  4. yiensia · ·

    thanks U

  5. Rachael · ·

    omg! i forgot to bring their first concert dvd man! gahh! i need to bring it back for the next trip!

  6. Thank you!

  7. This is my first time to watch Cling live performance. This song is so beautiful. I really like their singing and stage performance in this Korean concert. I am definitely going to buy this 1st DVD to own an official copy.

  8. Thanks for the share! It’s only recent that I have started to take an interest in this group (until now, I had liked their songs, but not really much notice to group members…) so very glad to find so much info here about them! I hope I can watch their concert in future if I ever go to korea!

  9. omg i always searched for this ❤ thanks a lot *0*

  10. thank you. it’s a great song. I’ve been looking for this song since heard it in a fanmade video in youtube. finally found it.. yay..now want to look for mp3..thank you very much..gonna dload it..

  11. thanks alot 4 translating this ..

    i really like FTI & their SONGS too …

    what ever they do they still awsome ..

    thanks alot ^^

    >_> Missing U WONBIN oppa ..

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