Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

FT Island – cling (attachment) [1st DVD Concert] [ENGSUB]

This is an old but great song of FT Island i just love it’s melody … Wonbin did a powerful rap mixed in well with Hongki’s smooth vocal (i’m suddenly missing wonbin (_ _!)…) … last night Mnet ,FT do have performance … but it was just a replay … so ,i guess u can […]

FT Island – Pops In Seoul [FACE TIME] [EngSub] 090314

Jaejin introduced himself as vocalist actually ,HongKi and Jonghun was braging abt themselves (it’s true to me though) and Jinnie just ends perfectly to have a great joke it’s cute … “The title song Bad Woman goes well with … HongKi’s pretty face” <—and it’s not ME who said that and as usual ,i just […]

FT Island – Thunder + Bad Woman [YTNStar LivePower]

This is also called Fatastic Concert .Im not really sure about the broadcast date though i guess  i was crazy but yes! ~ the song is Thunder (not Love Sick)