Super Nova- Super Star (KBS Music bank 2008.05.09)


[From Vivien]

001 | 002 | 003

credit: Choshinsungthailand

special thanks to Zom@Supernova Vietnam

@Xiayuu: 4 u^^


  1. thanks nee ^^ . When I saw this the 1st time I thought this band had 2 mems T___T and after that I figured out Cho shin sung had 6 mems :)) Lukily that I know Korean so I can read their name in the show . If not I can’t search on them . But when I typed “Cho sin song” in google >>> the result is none :lol . After that my friend said in Romazine their name is written : ” Cho shin sung” which means Super nova . 초 신 성. Write for U but in Korea, U have to say : cho sin song

  2. i know that their name can be written: Supernova Cho Shin Sung, Cho sin sung or cho shin sei in Japanese but i wonder: what is the difference between 2 pronunciations, Cho Shin Sung n Cho Sin SUng. with me, they r the same^^

  3. thanks

  4. Thanks 4 ur pics sis . Hahah U know when I show that pics to my friend . Well She really like the pic pf Su oppa . =)) She is so interested in him . And she almost bleed blood in her nose . He is so hot . The next time U upload everything abt CSS . Plz take these hottest pics of them . I’m sure everybody like them more :))

  5. They’re so hot
    Thanks for your sharing

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