Super Junior – Why I Like You + Sorry Sorry [MBank HDTV]


yeah ~ i have this perf in HD …. but it’s really …huge broken heart (861mb) …
so im asking you if u really want that quality or the HQ one (1024×720) -the size will be about 400mb ,more or less!big hugu can request it right here or [ HERE ]…i havent decided to upload this yet ! big grin so really ,its up to you!!


please copy and paste the links to your address bar. There’s 5 parts in total. Download them and put ALL 5 IN ONE FOLDER.
Download HJ Split and then join them in .You’ll get only one file with the filename :  “” big grin


  1. an_ubzgal · ·

    HI..i want to request Of SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK [HDTP 1920×1088] (861MB) PLZ

    i will waited for this link

    thank you so much ูู

  2. cant get to the link D:
    but please do upload this!

  3. heeyy,
    i do one the link,
    pls. upload it.

  4. luvpublicenemy · ·

    I lurve them so much..
    please do upload this..
    I prefer the lower size,400mb
    and thank you so much for this!!
    love you always!! ^_^

  5. can i request for Med. quality video [as usual]?

  6. can you please upload it?is ok if HQ…Thanks

  7. Courtknee · ·

    I would like this performance too (:
    The HQ one~

    Thank you so much if you upload this!

  8. i want the HQ one (1024×720)

  9. naMeunAh · ·

    either one is alright… long as i can see super junior… their hotness.

    thankss :*

  10. I want the lower size….
    I watched MV sorry sorry yesterday and I really like it!Thank u so much!

  11. thx

  12. startwigg08 · ·

    yeah finally they’r back
    please upload this *_*

    thank U very much ♥

  13. please upload this

    thaks be4

  14. please upload this…really love it…

  15. im waiting for their performance hq….i already have their LQ and really loves this comeback…

  16. really want the HD file…yes the huge 861 mb file. but if not the HQ is fine. just plz upload. thanks so much.

  17. mo_chunnie · ·

    i want to requst super junior, HQ version is ok?
    thank u so much!

  18. aMoY gEboY · ·

    i want to request Of SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK [HDTP 1920×1088] (861MB)

    thanks be4 n after…

  19. pls upload high quality 1s….thanx!!!

  20. Hey..i want to request Of SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK [HDTP 1920×1088] (861MB) Please

    Thank you… ^.^

  21. chizuuu · ·

    can you upload this in HQ or MQ please?

  22. shirubia · ·

    please upload it…
    I really want the performance…
    thanx a lot!!!

  23. i’d like it tooo please !! but a smaller HQ ver. if possible?

  24. just like it · ·

    can you please upload super junior come back stage? by the way i can’t open the videos that i had downloaded. do you know any player that i can use to watch. the video for FT Island performance on Inkigayo on 13 Feb, i can’t open the second part to watch. can you please tell me how to open and watch it? thank you.

  25. just like it · ·

    i’m sorry. it’s 13 march. the recent performance.
    thank you

  26. can you upload suju comeback stage 400mb please???

  27. ledoquyen · ·

    @ just like it: there’re some stages that i’ve uploaded with full size (without cuting) to MEGAUPLOAD. If u don’t familiar with those 001 and 002 files ,u can download from there =)

    and if mediafire is your best choice!
    then u have to deal with 001 and 002 003 ect..files !
    U have to put all those parts in one SAME folder!
    and then use HJSPLIT to join those in !
    finnally ,u’ll get ONE file “”….and that’s all u have to do!
    abt the download link for HJSPLIT…just type its name on google !

    btw, because .tp and .ts files are in HD quality … u should use VLC player to watch those!
    normal player won’t play the files!
    and…ur computer should have good VGA card .aka graphics card to watch HD vids! ^^
    ok,that’s all.

  28. Hyungnoona · ·

    Can I request suju perf in mbank in 100mb below….

  29. I lub this song~ XD please upload it XDD Thanks!

  30. i will waiting this performance ^^

    thank you ~

  31. choi_chan · ·


    nice to meet you…
    thanx for the video performance super junior come back!!!
    but it’s so big size, but it’s ok
    im’s happy…
    thank u very much…

    n good job for you

  32. Hi! I would like to download the the HQ one (1024×720) for SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK. Can you please upload the link? I’m a really huge fan of Super Junior and I’ve been looking for this video online for a long time but I still can’t find it. And by far yours is the best one I’ve found. Please do upload it. =)

  33. thanks,,,
    actually I’m not a big fan of them but yeah sorry..sorry got me hooked
    nice comeback

  34. thank you so much for sharing…. ^^

  35. Thanks for uploading. But it seems that the 4th link is broken.

  36. thnx so much..luv u~~

  37. HQ please? 😀 thank you!

  38. did these link die??

  39. thx u sista…always love u…

  40. hi! do you have the high quality links?? I cant seem to upload the tp links. Thanks

  41. ledoquyen · ·

    this 4 parts …if u can have them joined in with HJ Slpit…u’ll see it’s high quality file =D
    if it was Tp file..there would be 9 parts in total but not 4 ^^

  42. excuse me.
    where can i d/l HD or HQ for super junior full house n EHB wif eng sub.
    i really want this vid.
    plizzzzz tell me??????
    im begging someone who know bout that.

  43. yueunna · ·

    love this blog very much!
    may i requested, super junior sorry sorry comeback stage, but in low size 867mb is too big for me…
    thank you very much before

  44. na-chan · ·

    thank u

  45. luvsuju · ·

    it’s maybe too late…
    but can I have SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK [HDTP 1920×1088] (861MB)…
    I’m really want it…

  46. rosyidcho · ·

    i want
    and the other good quality vid if U please….

  47. crizttha17 · ·

    tnks for share the HQ vid..
    but could I have a link for SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK [HDTP 1920×1088] (861MB)…
    I’m really want it…

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