[MV] Supernova ‘Mini Drama’ (DVDRip)+ ‘Hit’ [HQ avi]

as i promised, this is the official MV ripped from DVD, so u can enjoy a DVD without any payment

ke ke ke, enjoy^^

and special thank to my lovely sis, Quyen, allowed me to post this MV here, she is really kind with me ^^

and thank to Moon_kaka@LJ for her links

this MV is not allowed to re-up but if u want to share, u can use these links by pm me^^

Mini drama mv (746MB)

<<< fromvivien >>>


1 full file   MUlink

cut parts

MU links


MF links

Join it with HJsplit

or MQ240MB



u can download more vids of Supernova at Supernovavietnam fansite

have fun^^

again, thanks to my lovely sis, Quyen^^

[by Vivien]


  1. donghw4n · ·

    yay.. thx for you.. and thx to Quyen, vivien..

  2. donghw4n · ·

    it’s subs or not?

  3. sorry, it is not subbed, it is raw file ripped from DVD

    but i think i can subbed it soon^^

  4. can you upload the MF links for hit?
    sorry it’s killing me
    it’s stopped at 45%

  5. oh with Eugene right . But honestly . I dont like this MV much . I like their perfs more . I was a litle bored when I watched almost 30min and it makes me so crazy T___T .

  6. @ayay: MF links are available^^

    u mean only Hit?? sorry, i dun have only HIT MV

    but i have Where r u MV-mnet ver^^

    @xiayuu: i have mostof their perfs in 2k7&2k8

    and some HQ perfs

    would u like these?

  7. well HDTV all okie .^^ Cause I used to have most of their perfs in HQ but I lost all :(( T___T . I’m really mad when I took much times to down but lost it so I decide to find HDTV only .
    Annyong , Super star , Where r U , Love Hunter in HDTV >>> is that much ~^^~

  8. T___T i have HQs not HDTV T.T

    sorry T.T

  9. @vivien
    it’s ok right now the direct link suddenly goes well
    can you upload superstar HDTV please??
    I don’t have any HQ of this perf 😦
    well where r u is ok if you don’t mind

  10. @ayay: hm, i dont have SS MV HDTV ver, only HQ ver and some HQ perfs of this song^^

    and im Vietnamese^^

  11. Oh U’re Vietnamese too ^^ . Well avi is Okie but high quality okie . I’m not sure abt finding HDTV 4 them since I’m a bit lazy and busy too :)) not confident ^^ . I thought U should upload all of Supernova ‘ stuffs . I need these files too .

  12. love yamapi · ·


  13. thank you so much~ ^^

  14. I have been searching for this file so long

    finally i found your post ><~

    i want to post this video to my website but i saw your note, you said that if i want to share i should PM you but i dont know how to PM so i leave a comment here (but i write my e-mail too may b you can contact me) I hope you'll see my comment. And if you are allow me to post them please let me know^^

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