[MV] 24/7 – that guy’s girl


yeah ~ it’s SNSD’s Yoona…. u might think this MV’s interesting since…well ~ SM’s chick is here big grin
but yeah ~the MV is actually boring … all in black and white (mostly black)…but that’s not the point ~ the most annoying part is they keep replaying the same screen over and over again ~
well ~whatever i say can’t keep you stay away from this MV ,can it ? … the song (or songs??) are just….fine ~ and Younha wasnt that hot too…..



  1. Mariel Lin · ·


  2. It’s Yoona not Younha. Thank u anyway!!

  3. not diggin the mv, but its a nice song aniway

  4. punkovie · ·

    thanks for sharing…
    the song is nice..

  5. Yeah…not diggin the mv…
    It lil’ bit too cliche…
    But thanks anyway 4 sharing… ^^

  6. sabrexlxl · ·

    good song, Thanks!!!

  7. its a great song with Noh Min Woo & Hyun Woo (Phillip & Ji Hoon from PASTA)
    Noh Min Woo aka ROSE from The TRAX!
    Thanks 4 da link XD

  8. thank you very much.

  9. thanks for sharing^^

  10. thank you

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