Daily Archives: March 3, 2009

[mv] shin tai kwon (ft taru) – august rush

the caption may look boring …to you but this is ~ highly recommened !!! XD cute boy ,cute girl ,cute love story ,nice song!~~ what eles do u need

[MV] nassun (jewelry-s + sori) – happy face

what did he do to deserve to have 3 hottest girls (at the moment) on his MV …

[MV] sung ji eun & untouchable – give my all

one more song comes from the single ‘fany-hwayobi couple’s theme song’ (We Got Married)

[MV] 24/7 – that guy’s girl

yeah ~ it’s SNSD’s Yoona…. u might think this MV’s interesting since…well ~ SM’s chick is here but yeah ~the MV is actually boring … all in black and white (mostly black)…but that’s not the point ~ the most annoying part is they keep replaying the same screen over and over again ~ well ~whatever […]

[MV] Fly To The Sky – restriction