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[FT Island] Hongki on SBS YSMM2 [2009-03-30]

[ CAP ] FT ISLAND (HONGKI) [YSMM 090330] – SECOND SEGMENT CUT He sang an old song of Seung Ki, i guess .. and yes~ this is the show in which hongki was being asked about his first love … and, how he’d been slaped by the girl …blah blah blah that kind of story […]

FT Island VCR On M!countdown 090326 [Hongki, Jaejin, Jonghun, Seunghyun]

This’s funny with sub, i guess I was trying to wait for the sub, but it seems like….there’re a lot of ppl havent watched this or wanna watch, but couldnt download … anyways, i’m gonna release the sub as soon as possible! In the mean time, just enjoy Hongki’s cuteness

Star King 090321 & 090328 [Hongki Seunghyun SuJu] (full show + FT cut)

i know im terribly late But it usually takes me longer than before to upload full show Star King now cut off FT’s filming and broacast it little by little everyweek…..(does that make sense) … anyways, this show is funny to watch even without sub

[mini album] K.Will – Dropping The Tears (ft SNSD’s tiffany)

ARTIST : K.WILL SINGLE: DROPPING THE TEARS Release Date: 2009-03-31 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad Bit Rate: 192 KBPS

U-Kiss – Talk To Me [Inkigayo 090329] (HDTV 1920×1088)

nice song well, at least better than ‘I Like You’ and anything with more Kevin and his wavy hair is worth watching …i’m just wondering where’re all their fans DOWNLOAD LINKS [DONE!]

Fly To The Sky – Save Energy Save Earth (Inki 090329) [HD 1920×1088]

aaahhh~~ amazing R&b feeling this is my second fav of energy songs. ….(u know the first im sorry but second is the highest level for other artists ) …. this is only available for HD and MQ quality. i dont think i have time to convert it u can find it somewhere anyways, like….fansite (?) […]

Inkigayo 2009-03-29 (full show cut + hongki MC)

Wnat did Heechul do to Hongki Let him go let him go!!! >”< Hongki did Son Dam bi’s ‘Are you crazy’ and ‘saturday night’ dance again … ofcouse, in a cute way DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR FULL SHOW [DONE!]

[MV] 8eight – Without A Heart (ft wonder girls’s sohee) [HD 720×480]

Again, cap will be replaced But i think i need REQUEST first! Keep in mind that this vid won’t be upload in HQ…. JUST REQUEST FOR HD QUALITY ONLY!!!

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry [Music Core 090328] (HDTV 1920×1088)

yeah ~ i don’t like my caption …it will be replaced soon!! i didn’t notice before…. but…just some of them are actually sing live if u did notice then u would see… only a few out of 13 members actually sing…why im not suprised ?? anyways, i like music core stage and it’s a catchy […]

Davichi – 8282 [Inkigayo 090329] (HDTV 1920×1088)

newest performance of them. i’ll try to replace this by another caption dont have time now! Just like the previous one! u should request to get the download links! DOWNLOAD LINKS [DONE!]