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FT Island – Bad Woman [MBank 090227] (HDTV+HQ)

M! Countdown 2009-02-26 (Selected Performances) [Tp720x480]

i thought FT Island had a performance in this… anyways ,the show is quite interesting with many great artists … 3 songs are in BOF soundtrack already ya ~ this movie is on top these days …. DO NOT TAKE OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION… IF YOU STILL WANT MORE STUFFS TO COME Yeah ~ ^^….and then […]

[single] J – sweet dream (MCB ‘Ha Ja Squad Zero’ O.S.T)

ARTIST : J DIGITAL SINGLE: SWEET DREAM (MCB ‘Ha Ja Squad Zero’ O.S.T) Release Date: 2009-02-26 Language: Korean Genre: R&B Bit Rate: 192 KBPS well … since KangIn (Super Junior) is gonna starring in this drama ~ i guess the soundtrack is something …curious too ,right … KangIn is currently filming for ‘We Got Married’ […]

Music Bank 2009-02-20 (Full Show cuts)

[ALL FILES ARE NOW READY FOR DOWNLOAD] Check out FT Island category for their comeback performance~

[album] Lena park – 10 ways to say i love you

ARTIST : LENA PARK ALBUM: 10 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU Release Date: 2009-02-30 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad/R&B Bit Rate: 192 KBPS highly recommended ~~~!!!! the songs and her emotional vocal can easily touch your heart … give you a deep impression just by first time listening ~ yeah ~ you’re so wonderful ,girl […]

[album] park sang min – vol 12 ‘the day i miss you’

ARTIST : LENA PARK ALBUM: THE DAY I MISS YOU Release Date: 2009-02-26 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad Bit Rate: 192 KBPS U’re probably wondering why could he …survive that long … vol 12 is a huge number ,isnt it ?! XD… well ~ everything has a reason ! why don’t you check that out


please take a few mins to read this ~ first ,im so sorry for the lack of update these days … samie and I are both busy ~ and second ,we’ve just got a new uploader her name is xiayuu and like she said ~ she’ll take care of HQ / HDTV performances …. and […]

Just Another FT Island Addiction !!!

now it’s SHOW TIME Someone’s already complained abt this place just has TOO MUCH FT Island’s stuffs is it really THAT MUCH ?! why i feel thats just … not enough anyways ,can’t help myself falling in love MV BAD WOMAN MAKING OF MV BAD WOMAN [ENG-SUBED BY ARIRANG] MEDLEY TROT SONGS [BUSAN OPEN CONCERT […]

Inkigayo 2009-02-22 (full show + selected HD perf.s)

[ALL FILES ARE NOW READY FOR DOWNLOAD] Check out FT Island category for their comeback performance~

FT Island – Bad Woman (Inkigayo 090222) [HDTV]+ MC Hongki

(1024 x 576) [HQ AVI Version’s updated]