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Music Bank 2009-01-30 (20 Performances)

– Uploaded and shared by samie – have yourself a happy weekend. Request for your fav. perfs LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yunho vs Yeonche Bboy Dance Battle [21.04.07] [180.2Mb/HQ AVI]

– uploaded by xiayuu –

Star’s Expert Show (New year Special) [090127] – Hongki ,SS501 ,Kara

im terribly sorry for being late … my mind just can’t focus on anything i’ll share a few more shows as i promised .and then… i guess i’ll have a break time . bad memories keep coming back Please understand … maybe samie can handle the job here ,or maybe not ! i’ll be back […]

[MBC] Star Dance Battle [090125] – BigBang SuJu Kara SS501

STARRING: Big Bang (Seungri + Taeyang), SNSD, Super Junior (Leeteuk + Eunhyuk + Sungmin + Shindong), 2PM, SS501, SHINee, Taegoon, Kara, Jewelry, Hyun Joon (V.O.S), Kim Na Young, Kim Shin Young, – brought to you by samie – REQUEST FOR YOUR FAVOURITE PERF [..Click on The Caps To Enlarge..] LINKS ARE NOW AVAIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s All lies…

nothing can express my feeling now … 600th day…should i be happy ??! Lunar new year …should i smile ??! i keep telling this to myself…its just another dream, another nightmare !!! somebody ,please …tell me its not true …when will my nightmare end ??! when i awake ,you’ll be there and tell me everything […]

M!Countdown 090122 VS M!Countdown 090108

Finally ,i decided to share this show i’m not sure if i’ll continue upload this show so just enjoy when u can ,ok the M!Show on 8th Jan. is actually higher quality then the 22th ok! now ,tell me what you want ,what u really really want – samie – LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

The Dad I Like (Good Daddy) Ep12 2009-01-24 (Final episode)

haiz ~ its the final episode T_T…. the daughter has 3 wishes…and fathers will make it come true! and she know nothing abt the show comes to an end …. it must be hard for her to say goodbye to her fathers

Music Core 2009-01-24 (18 performances)

Enjoy the show! feel free to request ^^… LINKS ARE ALL UP!!!

[single] choi min sung – will be happy (sitcom ‘he’s coming theme)

ARTIST : CHOI MIN SUNG SINGLE: WILL BE HAPPY (SITCOM THEME) Release Date: 2009-01-23 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad Bit Rate: 192 KBPS

[album] taw – vol 1 ‘I Make A Fool Of Myself Because…’

ARTIST : TAW SINGLE: I Make A Fool Of Myself Because I Love You So Much, I Cannot Live Without You Release Date: 2009-01-23 Language: Korean Genre: Ballad Bit Rate: 192 KBPS