[album] Ra.D – vol 2 ‘realcollabo’

Release Date: 2008-12-14
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance
Bit Rate: 192 kbps
ReComMenDed Tracks : track 2 .3 .4 .5 .9
01. Intro
02. Goodbye
03. 떠난 내 님은
04. 멋있는 친구(Cool Fella) (feat. Jeong-In, 인발, DJ Bay with ziEyA)
05. Sweet Love(feat. ◀:꼬깔이)
06. 엄마
07. I’m In Love
08. SP Collabo(feat. VJ, Steady B, KeBee, Sick Boi, UMC)
09. Mal Love(feat. 인발, DJ Bay with ziEyA) → [ MEDIAFIRE ]
https://i2.wp.com/i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb293/ledoquyen90/emotion/icon_title_1.gif 10. Couple Song(feat. Kelley)
11. 너와 함께 있음을
12. Happy Birthday


  1. cosmicflo · ·

    Thank you! I didn’t think I’d ever see this album uploaded somewhere! But track 9 is missing 😦

  2. sorry ^^ dont even know why that happened ! i’ll add it soon =D

  3. Hiya! Thanks for uploading. I’m gonna put up a Romanized version of Couple Song on my site soon so everyone can sing along 😀

    Thanks again!!!

  4. OMGitshairy · ·

    O_O thanks for uploading this and still having it on. I have googled for this album but nothing EXCEPT your’s came up :] Thanks for keeping it up. 😀

  5. thankyou for sharing~

  6. thank u so much^^

  7. oooooo thanks!!!

  8. thank you very much , I m french from PARIS and i like very much korean music.

  9. thank you so much! been looking for this.

  10. bedknobsnbrumstx · ·

    Hi. Thanks for posting. Is there any way that you can provide me with the romanized lyrics of I’m in love? I really love that song but unfortunately, i am not yet that well versed in reading and speaking Korean. Please???
    Thanks so much in advance.

  11. Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. I absolutely love this album, and I cant find it anywhere else.
    But I cant use rar files.
    Do you have these in mp3 format ?
    please please 😀

  13. Thank you for uploading!

  14. levi_athan · ·

    thank you! ^_____^

  15. thank you!

  16. lopsidemaniac · ·

    Whhhahaaahhaha I’ve just listened to the title track and honestly, this is when I want to be able to understand Korean!!! >_< Even though I don't understand tha lyrics, I can still understand the feeling and melody, and oh god, it's so good!!! Ahhhh!!! I've lost my head! Where's it gone!?!? Thx for the download!!! ^_^

  17. Thank you 🙂 I’ve been looking for this everywhere!

  18. Thank you!!

  19. 이토록 달달한 맛에 듣는 러브송~

  20. Thank you so much…..

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