Daily Archives: December 10, 2008

[MV] Lyn (Ft MC Mong) – ‘Charisma’

[MV] Gavy NJ – ‘good love’

[MV] Sentimental Scenery – ‘after love’ (This is not a love song chapter.2)

i had no idea abt the chapter 2 of this project ^^ …just downloaded it becoz the song’s title caught my eyes anyways ,i really like the song in chapter one~well…this song is not as good as that one . do some search in my blog and i’ll find chapter 1 enjoy~

[MV] FT Island – ‘The One’ + 2008 Golden Disk Award

[MV] FT ISLAND – “THE ONE’ [JAPANESE RELEASE] Yay!!! Finally ~ there was an early brithday for goat in the MV and…GUESS WHAT!!! all the members sing im in love with Jonghun’s voice HongKi’s place was taken i mean its like he’s not own the song anymore Minhwan and Jaejin’s voice was so cute Wonbin’s […]

[MV] Lee Hyun Ji (Ft SHINee’s Onew) – Vanilla Love

still the same sentense i like the original version more but this is a good Mv … cuteness overload