[OST] Hareem ,Park Bo-YOung – “Speed Scandal OST”


Soundtrack: [Movie] SPEED SCANDAL
Release Date: 2008-12-05
Language: Korean
Genre: OST
Bit Rate: 192 kbps

01. Jazz For Morning – Various Artists
02. Because I Love You – Hareem
03. 자유시대 – Park Bo-Young
04. J.Brahms: Hungarian Dances – Various Artists
05. 아마도 그건 – Various Artists
06. 나 어떡해 – Various Artists



  1. femmefataleartemis · ·

    omg thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! i love love love this soundtrack..the movie was so cute!

  2. thanks so much!! ^^

    I only listened to the OST and it’s so good!

    By any chance…do you know where I could see the movie?

  3. It seems that there must be uploading the movie, nih(sort of pulled thing breath)… The problem in the place hard to get it, let alone watching …! most large cities can also felt that one or two cities. Wahh … I hope there is a link to upload. hahahahaha

  4. Stephanie · ·

    Where I can download this song , 자유시대 which sang by Park Bo Young in mp3 version?

  5. I’ve just watched the movie, it was good…
    Chae Tae Yun & Park Bo Young played emotional role. The kid was so adorable…
    Thank you for the album, I never thought that Bo Young can sings ^^

  6. Thank you very much for the soundtrack.

  7. sinemaskop · ·

    can anyone write the names of the songs in English please?
    Song # 17-16-15-13-10-09-07-06-05-04

    And lastly whose the original composer of the Jazz For Morning #1 track of the album?


  8. suckwun · ·

    thankkkkkkkkkkkkkk so goodddd

  9. thanksssssssssssssss

  10. gyaa~ I got it! thankssss

  11. Just finished watching the movie and like the OST. Thanks for having the OST here! 😉

  12. thanx muach..

  13. speeding scandal is soooooo good.
    i love all of the casts.

  14. งุงิ · ·

    I very need it.But its invalid file now. Plz. upload again. Thk very much.

  15. samirayu7 · ·


  16. can’t download
    link not file

  17. alvin - from phi · ·

    can anyone post the song that park bo young sang in the stage.. the one that has a choir back-up singers.. please please.. i’m dying to have that song.. or at least a link where i can get it.. thanks.

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