No More…..


something has changed … and i cant seem to do anything abt it
suddenly …feels empty …feels tired
…suddenly …it feels like a HEART ATTACK
suddenly … want to do NOTHING!!

suddenly want to STOP !!!
…just simply STOP….

leaving or staying ?! that’s a one MILLION DOLLAR question
why do i keep doing this ?!
once again….nobody cares !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You definitely should stay 🙂
    Your blogs (both of them) really good, there is so much interesting content. And, i suppose, most of users are international k-pop fans (i’m from russia for exemple %))).
    This blog is my favorite, please, don’t leave .)

  2. Please don’t stop these two blogs…TT_TT
    You’re spreading Korean wave all around the world…many people appreciate it, including me. I really thanked u. I really hope you’ll continue…maybe take a break for a while, but I hope you’ll continue…^^
    I dont mean to be rude or anything..but maybe if there’s something personal…you can share it with us..just write it like in this diary…maybe not much help but hope it’ll relieving a little…
    you’ve made many people happy, really hope you’re happy too…

  3. your blog is so wonderful. I’m so thankful and do love coming here.

    Plsssss keep go on.

  4. 4everwithyou · ·

    NO!!!!!!!!u my number one source in kpop!!dont stop..i visit your blog everyday….im just addicting 2 your blog..although sometime im not downloading something i still open it to check..
    it such a waste if this wonderful blog stop…
    u such great fan of sooo sad if u stopp…plz dont stop..
    whatever happen in your life i hope it will get better..plzz

  5. 4everwithyou · ·

    by the way im making a wordpress blog just to easier comment to u…my other nick name is ann that usually write a comment to u..GOODLUCK IN YOUR LIFE

  6. please stay.. many people are going to be sad if you leave.. including me. i just want you to know that your work is being appreciated by many so please, keep going..

  7. Please do not stop!! your blogs are wonderful, you keep renewing every day so that we all got the most updated k-pop performances and songs! In daily life, we used to have up and downs, hope that the unhappy moment of yours will gone soon! btw, I am a great fans of FT Island too……Thanks for all the hardwork! Keep Up!!

  8. i hope whatever that is bothering u and making u so depressed and sad will go away soon. Fighting!!!

  9. unpredictablegirl95 · ·

    pls stay!
    i need u!
    i love it!!!
    u’r blog is my #1 FAV!
    so, pls..
    i beg u.
    do continue.
    u’r my only source.
    u’r my only hope.
    u’r blog is d best.
    i rily appreciate it tht ur sharing all these kinds of wonderful things wif all of us.
    do continue doing ur blog.
    dun stop..//

  10. mariellin · ·

    Where are you now,Sis? Please contact me if you are here. I’m waiting for your new.

  11. ow..friends..i’m not really sure what happen to you
    but don’t be so down like that
    i love ur blog..this is really help me so much
    if people doesn’t care to you, they will never know about your blog..
    i think u need some holiday to refresh ur mind.
    and clear all bad things that follow ur days
    keep on going sista..i know u’re stronger than anything
    thx for everything^^

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