[album] Norazo – vol 3 “Three Go”

Release Date: 2008-11-21
Language: Korean
Genre: Dance
Bit Rate: 192kbps
Actually ,haven’t got time to check this yet! so…i gave you their title song …why don’t u try =D

01. Superman → [ FILESEND ]
02. 동네 한바퀴 (“Around The Town”)
03. 연극 (“Drama”)
04. 내.도.소(내 도망간 여자 친구를 소개합니다)
05. 귀여워 (“Cute”)
06. 희망가 (“Song Of Hope”)
07. 9회말 2아웃
08. 사랑의 행진곡
09. 꿀 한통 설탕 한 스푼(사랑가3)
10. Superman (Remix)
11. 동네 한 바퀴(Remix)
DOWNLOAD (48MB – 192kbps) → [ FILESEND ]


  1. […] CAP ] [21] NORAZO – “SUPER MAN” (30MB) → [ MEDIAFIRE ] their vol 3 was posted [ here ] .. and their MV will be uploaded on my wordpress why dont u check it […]

  2. just wondering what happened to track 2, cause it’s missing from the rest of the files. but thanks for the dl link!

  3. ledoquyen · ·

    it was wrong encode ^^…and then i was too lazy to find it again ~ but…it seems like no where has track 2!

  4. ahh…okay at least the remix is on the album.

  5. Thank you :D!!

  6. thank you

    I like NORAZO

  7. Thank you! I really l.like this!

  8. Thanks for posting~
    The size really matters… ;D

  9. Thanks for the upload 😀

  10. Shanna · ·

    thank you so much for this! do you happen to have their previous albums? or know where i can download them?

  11. thanks for everything why norazo songs so hard to found ????

  12. terry · ·

    can reupload the link?or send to my email thanks,

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