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Comeback Special Entry !!!

i didnt want to write this one .i though i would comeback silently and keep sharing and like a good sheep ,saying nothing! but then again , maybe …just maybe u guys will be disappointed … writting all these things and get nothing ! so…i think i’ll give you some lines ,just some…….

No More…..

something has changed … and i cant seem to do anything abt it suddenly …feels empty …feels tired …suddenly …it feels like a HEART ATTACK … suddenly … want to do NOTHING!! suddenly want to STOP !!! …just simply STOP…. leaving or staying ?! that’s a one MILLION DOLLAR question why do i keep doing […]

Music Bank 2008-11-28 (22 Performances)

[album] Norazo – vol 3 “Three Go”

ARTIST : NORAZO ALBUM: VOL3 – THREE GO Release Date: 2008-11-21 Language: Korean Genre: Dance Bit Rate: 192kbps Actually ,haven’t got time to check this yet! so…i gave you their title song …why don’t u try =D

[MV] Yuri – “Happy Girl” (행복한 여자) (Ft Lee Ji Hoon)

she has a really really good voice i like the song ,esp the chorus. Lee Ji Hoon made a special appearance in the vid. Yuri performed this song on music core last week ,check out her tag

[MV] Ha Hyun Gon Factory – “Come To Me” (Vocal by Evan and Rap by Woo Yeon Seok)

this is definitely something cant be missed just an old one anyways and the mv is nothing special but just some screens when they recorded the song. BUT BUT BUT >.< … Evan is …cute and lovely and…=D amazing voice!!! is it just me or Evan looks like Jaejin (FT island) ?! just a little […]

[MV] Mario – “Im Yours” (Ft 2AM)

only one member of 2AM … 2AM got MArio’s lover well ,cant blame that girl any girl would do like that anyways enjoy the vid…

[MV] Dynamic Duo – “Mother Of Bean Paste Potage”

[MV] Gavy Queens – “Mijeong”

this is from their 2nd album ‘To The Heart’ …. the song and the voice are amazing as always but its not a special MV …hope u have fun with it !

[MV] Hero – “One Day”

this is track 1 from their lastest single , just an old mv but havent had chance to share ! its really a good song , i like it but once again , i like track 2 more. U can search for their single by clicking [ here ]