Every1 Idol Show FT Island Season 2 Ep3 [2008-10-30]

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i was trying to keep this show for myself big grin but looks like many people out there are crazy searching for the files tongue
i mean ,who dont wanna watch this show love struck so cute ,so fresh >”< ..so funny! happy

ok … now , this week we have 2PM + BoRam + HwangBo joined in .they will have 2 episodes
NoW …. Enjoy the show winking IT’S SHOW TIME!!! big grin

333 333

haha…Minhwan is good at taking noona’s heart hee hee

EVERY1 IDOL SHOW PART 2 165MB [ PART 001 ] [ PART 002 ]
watch out for JaeJin and JongHoon’s butt shaking laughing

333 333

EVERY1 IDOL SHOW PART 3 148MB [ PART 001 ] [ PART 002 ]
Hong Ki was trying so hard to dance along Nickhun…but then he fell..!! laughing
why everything he dose is just simply so cute !!!blushing

Hong Ki and Wonbin was singing a song , a soft and sweet one love struck different from what they used to. Their voice were amazing as always happy
[10 points out of 10 points for FT Island] big hug

333 333


Minhwan won in the game peace sign
i dont know whats this game called . but this is how they play it : spinning around bout 10 times or more , running to the noonas’s circle as fast as possible ,get ur head go through it and u won happy Winner will have a personal camera, just like Minhwan’s happy

333 333

EVERY1 IDOL SHOW PART 7 127MB [ PART 001 ] [ PART 002 ]
laughing naughty Jonghoon had a better way … got himself a camera ,dont have to win anything laughing its so cute how Jaejin and Wonbin also join in love struck



its weird … the download number is super big these day … but it seems like i have more leechers than friends…
ok ,happy if u like the file then say sth ,alright ?!
i used to not care bout this ,but …u know what ,i tired already … im so gonna keep this show privarite next week …if there is no CMs..


  1. it very easier to comment here than yahoo360…haha..well i ask did u have Mnet 23/10/08 perf cut??

  2. yay!!! thank you so much…
    oh do you have subbed shows???

  3. ledoquyen · ·

    yeah~ i have that show…uploading right now ^.^

    i have some prob. last week so cant upload the show =P … i though everyone must had it already ,but …seems like no where have these perfs yet ^_^

    @eri : sorry! dont have it. i think u have to wait till s.o sub the show. no one takes this job right now =(
    hey! thanks for CM.
    have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks so much for this! It looks like a fun, fun show.

    Though not subbed, it’s better than not seeing at

  5. thx for this show *_*

  6. thank you thank you and thank you 10000000x
    you are the best ^^

  7. Marineyismarina · ·

    You have a WordPress. I’m always like, I want to leave a comment but i dont want a Y!360 But YaY!
    thanks So much for the Upload<3

  8. yay! thx so much for all these uploads. xD, pls don stop. i check ur site like everyday, i am DEVOTED…xD

  9. hello,

    i just got into FT Island recently … thanks to my sister!! having found ur site with so many stuffs on FT Island especially really makes my days. it’s so refreshing watching a boy band that play their own instrument … and they are just so adorably cute too! (i’m old enuff to be their mother ne!). thank you for sharing so much at ur site dear.

  10. unpredictablegirl95 · ·

    thx for uploading all d wonderful shows,performance and albums!
    i really do appreciate it n hope tht if u can still continue to do so.
    coz i tried to find it sumwer else but fail.
    so,im hoping on ur web everyday 2 upload it.
    n again thx!<3

  11. Thx for the show. It was really funny!! Haha.. Can’t wait for ep4. Hmm, I’ll wait..^^

  12. mariellin · ·

    Oaw! There are so many FT Island fans here…Anyeoseyo!

  13. syakirah_my · ·

    hey buddy~~
    thanks alot~~~
    i really love ur blog..
    and ur wordpress!!!!!!
    thanks for all stuff that u upload…
    thanks a lot!!!!!
    u r so cool~~~

  14. thanks for uploading all these stuffs~
    i love al the recommendations from you~

  15. keroroFIGHTER · ·

    oh my god~
    thank you so much for uploading this show!!
    i loved it so much and had been looking for it!!
    thank you again!!!
    i love you…haha!!! ^^,

  16. i dont know that you also have the blog in wordpress:x

    Jung hoon so cute in this show:X

  17. Tq.. really appreciate it, even though the downloading time is killing me, but it’s worth it ;p

  18. thankyou 🙂

  19. FT + 2PM = yum 😀
    thanks a bunch!

  20. 2PM and FT Island it’s almost too much for a fangirl to handle…almost, but not quiet. ^-^
    Thank you so much for these; really, I know how long this stuff takes to upload! ><
    Again, thank you! =D

  21. can i have the whole part of this video?
    i mean the whole size not being part like this…
    thank you

  22. ledoquyen · ·

    sorry! but it won’t be re-upload =P…its really tired =(

    moreover ,the full length is hard to download if u dont have speedy connection .
    download part of it and then watch then continue download is a lot more easier =]…it won’t kill u from curious =)

    i’ll think bout it in the next episode ^.^

  23. Panda_bear · ·

    thanks alot for uplading these!
    wow.. there are so many things to download.. gahh!! thanks alot for everything.. ❤ u are really amazing!

  24. wow thanks I have been download stuffes but wow thaey are so great I love all ot he videos of Ft island
    thanks alot

  25. can you upload the whole show????

  26. zombienarc · ·

    hey there~
    I thank you a lot for uploading this show
    Its soo funny and my love for both ft and 2pm increased a lot. THey’re soo cute.
    Although there arent any subs for this video, its enjoyable enough =D

  27. thanx for this! got it off a link at lj’s real nice of u! just thought i should put that out there

  28. mariellin · ·

    Want to see the next ep

  29. Thanks a lot~!!

    I’m in love with this show.

  30. thank u soooooooo much!^^never get bored watching this episode since I’m in love with 2PM, so much love in this eps. Thank u very much!^^

  31. irumichan · ·

    I can’t download the last part T_T

  32. yosh. thanks

  33. Speedyplatinum · ·

    Thank you for sharing Every1 Idol Show!

  34. juuichi · ·

    thank u

  35. iheartftisland · ·

    you got many comments here.. @.@
    anyway! i’m done with ep.1 and ep.2! ^^
    now i’m downloading this one.. thanks again!~*

  36. jaelover · ·

    thanks ((:

  37. jaelover · ·

    btw, season 2 only got ep 1 tp 6 ? (:

  38. yuNhobellA · ·

    thanks for this!!! btw,,,EVERY1 IDOL SHOW PART 7 127MB → [ PART 002 ] doesn’t work for me…perhaps u can repair it for me!!!!thanks in advance!!!

  39. Fru-chan · ·

    ah~ long time no see ^^

    and i think who can’t download the second part of part 7, the link isn’t broken or something there is just plus a http:// in the beginning ^^ so the link is:

    sorry if it’s not allowed to link it here o.o i just managed to dwnload it now ^^”

  40. OMG!!!!
    i’ve been looking EVERYWHERE, in every crooks and corners, for this!
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! wuv ya! ^_^
    oh, but it’s not subbed right?
    oh well.. thanx anyway!!! ^+^

  41. Thank u sooo much for this,

    by the way PART 7, part 2 is broken

  42. THANK YOU! 😀 I know this is old but I still want it! ❤

  43. part 3’s 002 is broken. =[

  44. yeahh D: part three’s 002 is broken as well as part 6. Please fixxxx !

  45. i’m sorry but can you fixed the link for part 6 and part 7???please please please.

  46. Thanks for subbing this! Just wanted to let you know part 3.002 and part 6 are down! ^^

  47. hhhhhhhhhhhhh good ….. Thank u sooo much

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